Will Nikola's Electric Truck ever see the light of day?

Will Nikola’s Electric Truck ever see the light of day?

Will Nikola’s Electric Truck ever see the light of day?

Will Nikola's Electric Truck ever see the light of day?

Will Nikola’s Electric Truck ever see the light of day? Many were skeptical when Nikola first announced its electric truck, the Nikola One, would be available for purchase in December 2016. The concept and goal of the truck were admirable, but many were worried about whether or not the company would ever be able to pull it off in time. With 2017 winding down and no truck in sight, will Nikola ever be able to produce its all-electric semi-truck? In this article, we explore some of the biggest questions surrounding Nikola’s plans and try to answer whether or not you should still hold out hope that this dream will become a reality or not.


Will Nikola’s Electric Truck ever see the light of day?
The Nikola One, an electric truck with a range of 1,200 miles, is the brainchild of Nikola Motor Company. The company has been pursuing production in recent months and even set up a new headquarters in Arizona to begin work on its prototype.
The company has been working for years to perfect its design for an electric-powered semi-truck. It showcased a Nikola Zero – a smaller version that it says can go 300 miles without stopping to recharge – at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.
The company is scheduled to unveil what it says will be its first commercial truck at September’s American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition in Atlanta.

Will Nikola’s Electric Truck ever

Nikola has been in business for six months and they still don’t have a truck. Nikola claims that they are working on prototypes, but so far there is no evidence. This could be because they are simply not going to produce a truck. Or it could be because they don’t want to show their cards to competitors. Either way, Nikola will need to come out with something soon or they risk losing credibility among investors and consumers.

Nikola has been working on an electric truck for years

The Nikola electric truck has been in development for years and Nikola is not giving up on it yet. In fact, they’ve recently released a teaser video showing what they think the truck will look like. The company has an ambitious goal of having this vehicle on US roads by 2020 and are trying to collect enough pre-orders to get production started.
Nikola is betting big on battery power for their electric truck. They believe that if they can get enough people to pre-order their vehicle, then Nikola will be able to reach their goal and start production by 2020. The company believes that having a fully electric truck would drastically reduce emissions and help with reducing global warming as well as reduce costs for drivers all across the board from fuel costs to maintenance work on the engine.

The company has yet to produce a working prototype

Nikola Motors is a company that was founded in the early 2000s with the goal of producing an electric truck. Nikola has yet to produce a prototype and they are running out of money. They need $200 million in order to complete development and testing, but they do not have any investors willing to invest that much money. They are now trying to fund their project by selling shares on Wall Street. It does not seem like Nikola will be able to produce an electric truck anytime soon, but it is still possible for them.

Many experts are skeptical that the truck will ever be produced

Many experts are skeptical that Nikola will be able to produce an electric truck. In order to produce a truck in 2020, as they have promised, Nikola would have had to start production on the trucks today. However, not much information has been released about where Nikola is getting their electric batteries from or where they are building their factory. This makes it difficult for many people to believe that they can produce a truck by 2020.

Some believe that Nikola is simply using the truck as a way to generate investment

The Nikola truck has been a hot topic in the news recently. After being criticized by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Nikola has been making headlines again with recent allegations that it may have just been a way to generate investment money. The theory is that they use hype surrounding their trucks as a way to present themselves as more valuable than they are and consequently get more investors on board so they can raise funds for their venture. They claim that they plan to release an electric truck this year, but it is unclear whether or not this will actually happen.
Nikola is supposed to be releasing an electric semi-truck this year, but there have been few updates since their announcement last year.

Only time will tell if Nikola’s electric truck will ever be produced

Nikola is an electric truck company that seeks to use natural gas rather than diesel fuel. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT and intends to produce a low emissions vehicle with zero emissions. Nikola estimates that its trucks will be able to go 800 miles on one charge and that the vehicle will be able to go 0-60 miles per hour in 20 seconds.  also plans to offer battery packs for sale at their website.
Nikola plans to debut their prototype at the New York International Auto Show this April (2017) but Nikola’s founder, Trevor Milton, has not been forthcoming about how much it costs or when it might be available for purchase.
already obtained over $2 billion from companies like Google Ventures as well as others who believe in Nikola’s vision for sustainable transportation alternatives and hope for reduced pollution levels in cities across America.


Nikola Motors has been working on an electric truck since 2013, but production still seems to be a long ways off. There are many factors to consider when starting up a new company and Nikola is in no way unusual for taking this long to get started. The electric truck industry is already quite competitive and will only become more so as time goes on. Tesla, Cummins, and BYD are all trying to get their share of the market; additionally there are other considerations like battery technology and regulatory hurdles that Nikola must overcome before they can even start production. Some experts say that Nikola may be looking at 2020-2021 for a possible release date; others say 2022-2023

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