Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T

Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T

Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T


Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T is a US-based telecoms company and it is the second largest in the sector of mobile services and the largest in telephone service provided.  If we go back a little the origin of American Telephone and Telegraph or AT&T established in 1885 was a subsidiary company to the parent company Bell Telephone Company owned by Graham Bell himself.

Such huge background and high rated customers throughout the world especially in USA has a major drag which is making its name dirty. The internet provided by Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T and when people compare it to other providers they easily jump from here to somewhere.  Today I list some factors of this façade.


Why is AT&T so slow?

There are some major reasons which leads your slow drag of internet and one of them is the service drawback of ISP.  We all using internet via Wi-Fi aka Ethernet by fiber optic cables.  These are connected to your house router.  Every house device has one connection to it which guides and provides access to web from different hubs and nodes.

These hubs and nodes grants you access to web only if your distance between your ISP and your house is under the range.  The increase of distance leads your internet to dead slow.

Then arrives the problem of customer service.  You couldn’t call customer service for the poor quality of internet because the answer you receive is simple that is you are far from their hub.  It is huge process to provide internet for those places and AT&T is not going to doing anything because some lines are telephone lines which can be dated many years.

Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T If your location has many people using this slow internet then you can expect your internet speed will become slower and slower every day.


Reasons for AT&T’s slow internet

If you think only Ethernet cables drives the data to your home then you are wrong.  Telephone cables can also access data and provide you service other than just calling service.   First check if your router is connected to Ethernet cable or telephone cable because there are some difference like telephone cables runs at different frequency than Ethernet cable.

  • For very long transmission of internet Ethernet cables are preferable.  It can transmit at the speed of 1Mbps to 10Mbps.  But your location has to be under their radar or your wi-fi is going to be very slow.
  • Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T Some time if you’re in remote place and your internet from AT&T is on snail speed then you can consider their budget allocation as a reason.  For this they tend to use the telephone lines as a medium for the web.
  • During long haul transmission and high speed internet demand in some places like any other telecom provider AT&T gives preference to Ethernet cables but it’s not that safer than telephone cables.  If there are some critical situations like high humidity, animal interference or moist then you can expect your internet is going to be slow for some days.


Wi-Fi related causes

Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T

This is one of the times where we also become a reason for our slow internet.  When we first install our wi-fi router in our house we just put it in our study room or wherever we prefer.

But it’s not going to help for high speed internet.  If you need to cover your entire home then check the interference of signals from your device and the place where you have high interference place it right there. Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T Because sometimes your router uses internet from external sources or Ethernet cables so always pick your best location for the installment of router.

Don’t connect too many devices or your wi-fi speed will become slower.  Also there are some cases where your personal or office account has lower bandwidth compared to others, when you find it contact your nearest customer service.


Modem vs Router

Modem is a short form of Modulator – demodulator and it is connected to telephone cables by connector RJ-11.  These cables give access to data to your devices.

Router is a simple device where multiple networks comes together and get allocated to specific destination by using router as a medium.

Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T Note that usage of modem is a direct approach but when you router it simply acts as a secondary body which connects multiple devices in your house with modem as a prime body.  You can’t connect internet directly by router.

So when you use router you need to consider a good place because many factors can affect the interference of internet with your mobile or computer.

Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T

Where to place your router

The approach given below are must follow if you need your internet be a high speed one.

  • Always place it away from babies.  If you have a child in your home then never place it where they can easily play with.
  • People tend to think if they place it near window then their internet speed can higher.  It’s a bad rumor so don’t place it there.
  • There is also a belief if you place your router near your electronic device you receive good speed but it’s also not right.  Don’t place it near TV, microwaves or any other device which receive or emits waves. Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T Also don’t place it near to any cables whether its electrical or electronic.
  • Place it in your house’s best spot where you can get full signal, you can check it in AT&T’s routers.  Make sure there is also no physical interference that can cause a mild drag in internet speed like placing it in your inner room where more than two thick walls blocking the outside makes it relatively slower.


To increase the speed

  • Router is the primary cause for increase in your internet speed, so always place it in the right place.  Don’t let it interfere with cables or microwaves.
  • Check online if your router is a upgraded version or not.  If it’s not then it’s recommended to upgrade.
  • Check your surrounding and come to a conclusion.  Like how people around you having problem with their ISP.


Conclusion of Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T

Why is my Internet so Slow AT&T If you face a problem concerning your internet speed then start with your routers and then call customer services to have a quick check. Good luck.

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