What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented

What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented?

What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented?

1,000 years ago today we humans are on the brink of a technological revolution: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Internet Of Things, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Nanotechnology and more. And with technology advancing so quickly, it seems like this is just the beginning! How do you prepare for these changes?What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented? A question that often arises: how can you be prepared for this day to come?

Well, the answer may seem obvious but sometimes people overlook or forget or don’t think about how many decades are left in between now and the predicted date of their future. To give some further context, in 2014 Apple acquired Nest Labs (a leader in AI, including its Neural Network), DeepMind (AI firm specialized in ML and Deep Thinking), a leading developer of artificial intelligence software, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others. As part of that acquisition, Google bought them as well. So, we at Info-Tech Research have done an analysis of our data to figure out what might happen next to all those advancements. Here is how we arrived at some intriguing predictions.


What would happen if the computers were not invented yet?

We have already had computers before they were invented. We can trace back their existence, but we are still learning from the ones we already know. For example, they may be only a few hundred years old but we have been using them for at least 200000 years. Even then, they are still crude and they can do things that we cannot even imagine: What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented? Chess is difficult without them. They can write down what a human writer can.

What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented?

Computers are able to understand language as we do and will improve themselves based on what we find out in their own way. Nowadays, we are developing new technologies that will allow for better computer literacy. One of the most interesting thing is to see how our children will become smarter. From their education they will learn new techniques and skills that we will teach ourselves in the future.


What would happen if we all use mobile phones instead of computers?

Technology has always been amazing and we love using it every single day. But as time goes by, we get used to our smartphones to carry out almost everything. These devices don’t help us out much, they are slowly becoming useless. When I was young, when I think back to my first cell phone, which was really cool it had some great applications that allowed me interact with different parts of my body and my environment. What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented? It wasn’t the best application, as I couldn’t take care of myself, I can’t imagine trying to use one again and it was almost no use to me but now it works very easy because of apps such as Snapchat. All these things will go away and we are going to need something else.

What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented?


Maybe we should look into AR glasses and a brain-computer interface or voice communication technology. Imagine speaking to someone who doesn’t understand English? That person could say what you want, get what you need. This is an idea which has been around for some time and it hasn’t gone completely unnoticed. Some companies are working on solutions with AI-based chatbots, there will also be other devices. As long as humans will stay with them for a while. Most of the inventions we made so far will get a little bit obsolete eventually. But it will never make sense to throw them away.

What will Happen if the Computer is Not Invented? As long as there are people we are using computers to communicate, will they be useless a few years after? No… we won’t forget about all their achievements, we’ll always keep innovating. There’s no point in keeping up with the times, as it gives less and less chances to advance further. So, maybe the computer is invented but will take it with good grace.

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