Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World

What Should Be Invented To Help The World

What Should Be Invented To Help The World


While the world has become accustomed to seeing technology improve our lives, whether it’s in the form of phones, entertainment devices, or video games, most people don’t realize how far technology has come and how much more it could still do. The following list of 10 Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World shows just how much of an impact technology can have on almost every aspect of our lives if we let it. This list of inventions that need to be invented will hopefully spark some inspiration for your next revolutionary idea!


1) An Exercise Machine For Seniors

The thought of exercise may seem daunting for seniors. However, exercise is crucial to maintaining overall health and well-being as we age. But not all forms of exercise are ideal for seniors, particularly if they suffer from mobility issues that might make it difficult to get to a gym or fitness class.

But what if you could work out in your own home? Many people would prefer exercising at home than traveling to a public gym and lifting weights or walking on a treadmill and with an exercise machine designed specifically for seniors, there’s no need to sacrifice health just because you don’t want to go outside or leave your house. An exercise machine for seniors would be perfect for those who aren’t able-bodied enough for strenuous outdoor activities but can handle moderate activity indoors.


2) A Device That Reminds You When You Are Being Unproductive

How many times a day do you tell yourself that you’re busy but productive? Well, there’s a new invention that could help you find out just how much of your day was spent doing unproductive things. This will remind you to work and might make you feel like working harder when you don’t have time. Remember: doing nothing often leads to more nothingness in Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World.


3) An Efficient And Attractive Drainage System

Considering that an estimated 2.6 billion people are living in areas affected by water shortages, a good supply of clean drinking water is essential for human life. Desalination technology has been used for decades to convert seawater into potable water. But it comes with a hefty price tag and uses up a lot of energy, which makes it unfeasible for use in most communities where fresh, clean water isn’t readily available.

However, researchers from MIT may have finally found a solution that doesn’t cost so much in terms of power and manpower: they propose installing an efficient drainage system to channel dirty water away from rain-water runoffs before they mix as they do now and pollute drinking supplies further downstream.


4) A Fast Acting Sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays are incredibly powerful, and it’s easy to forget that when you’re just enjoying a nice day at your favorite park. And with rising temperatures, coming out of winter is all too often a reminder that we need to protect ourselves against skin cancer. But good sun protection can be hard to come by Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World. Tinted moisturizers are great, but they only offer SPF 10; wide-brimmed hats work well, but who wants to look like a librarian for two months? If only there was a product that could go on quickly without having to worry about how it looks, making sure you get enough protection every time you head out into sunlight…


5) Self-Organizing Homeschool Classes

Schooling your kids at home can be difficult, even with a co-op or group of other parents who do it with you. Organizing times and topics for study, sharing curriculum and materials, etc., all require planning and organization. There are many ways to keep your homeschool as efficient as possible.

One such way is organizing into self-organizing homeschool classes. These groups arrange class schedules around particular subjects, themes, or projects that members of a self-organizing homeschool class want to work on together in that particular year.


6) Timer for Tracking Wasted Time on Social Media Sites

We all know how easy it is to get sucked into social media sites. You sit down to just check your Facebook, and suddenly two hours have passed without you doing anything productive. A tool for monitoring your use of social media might be useful for helping you keep track of that time and make sure it’s being used well.

For example, a website could automatically track how long you are spending on these sites and notify you after X minutes of continuous use in Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World. It could also give feedback at specified intervals with messages like break time coming up! to help remind people they are working rather than chilling out on their favorite platform.


7) Smart Charger For Cell Phones

Everyone is constantly on their cell phone. And if you’re like me, your phone often dies before you can plug it in to charge. Enter a cell phone charger that knows when your battery is low and begins charging immediately so that it will be ready to go when you are! There are even inventions out there that allow phones to wirelessly recharge by drawing power from a lamp or other source of light energy. While these haven’t been implemented into phones quite yet, they’re certainly not far off from becoming a reality!


8) Robotic Lawn Mower or Gardener

Often, you can find a small patch of ground in your yard where grass just refuses to grow; I’m sure you have a few patches like that in your lawn. A robotic lawn mower could help solve that problem.

After all, nothing ruins a summer evening on your patio like having to get up and mow your lawn yourself so how great would it be if there was an easy-to-use device you could pop into such unproductive sections of land? Unfortunately, while robotic tech is improving every year, they still can’t handle rough terrain or tall grass, so a robotic gardener might be more useful than an automatic mower think Roombas crossed with sprinklers or backhoes in Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World.


9) Envelope for Receiving Money with Sensors (to keep track of spending)

Did you know that every time you receive cash, something slips between your fingers? It’s money. Lots of it. Don’t believe us? In 2010, there were over $300 billion in $20 bills alone floating around out there. And that doesn’t include other denominations and coins. Now think about how much cash you’ve received in your life so far.

It might not seem like a lot, but what if all that money could be used for good instead of being squandered away into things like. (more) stuff and trips to Hawaii? We’re talking about using your hard-earned cash to help others, people! So why not put an end to lost money with a new invention called Sensible Cash? This envelope has sensors inside that will keep track of how much is being deposited as well as how much is left inside.

When you’re ready to spend some dough, just open up Sensible Cash on your smartphone or computer and watch those dollars go straight where they belong to charity! Yes, we said charity in Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World. And no, we didn’t say the government. Because let’s face it: Who do you trust more with your hard-earned cash you or Uncle Sam? We rest our case.


10) Pillowcase For Sleeping Comfortably With Earplugs

Even with earplugs, you can’t always tune out your partner’s snoring. Now, a company is developing a special pillowcase that includes foam padding to muffle noises while allowing people to sleep comfortably with their earplugs in. This pillowcase would make it easier for couples to stay in bed when they’re sleeping next to someone who snores.

It’s still not perfect for example, an extra layer of noise dampening would be better than padding but it could be an improvement over standard pillows and regular earplugs. And as far as we know, there are no other pillows on the market that make sleeping with snoring easier for couples (although we will keep searching). All together now: Ahhhhh! A much-needed invention! Inventions That Need to be Invented to Help the World.

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