what is human services technology

What is human services technology

What is human services technology

human services technology can be defined as a multidisciplinary field that concerns the use of information technology to provide professional,

personal or social support to people with disabilities, including autism, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and chronic physical diseases.

Although these persons may have special needs, they can have multiple needs depending on the area where the person lives or how old the person is what is human services technology?

Such needs include finding employment, living in community housing, obtaining counseling, providing transportation, and more, among others.

There are currently several thousand different agencies that make up the American human services network.

As a young adult growing up with disabilities, I faced multiple challenges in my career path, which included being unable to find work due to my autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

A former employer even considered moving out of our building because it would be easier to find a job anywhere else (my parents were never supportive of this idea in any way, but their fear was real as well).

It wasn’t until I started working for myself that I found my place to start applying for jobs and searching for positions.

Finding an opportunity to work for myself and work on helping other persons with disabilities was challenging at first.

When I became aware of the various organizations who had programs specifically tailored to assist individuals with ASD,

I began to see why many of them offered specific job training which made finding work easy.

After all, I knew how hard it was to get on the right path and pursue your dreams but if I didn’t know about the organization working to help those with ASD, I never would have known where to look.

The knowledge I learned through training to become a Certified Specialized Educator also helped me in my search for the right job.

The world of human services technology revolves around three main topics:



Providing comprehensive education that helps children, youth, adults, and families with diverse needs develop self-confidence, learn appropriate communication skills, plan, organize and schedule activities, and manage tasks.


Helping individuals address and resolve their academic, behavior, and social issues, especially when living independently. This includes planning activities, organizing schedules, managing homework, monitoring progress, and more.


Identifying opportunities by setting realistic goals for students so they can receive optimal instruction and support.


How does one go about making sure their child’s success is not hindered?

How does one make sure that their children participate in sports and the community activities that kids with disabilities love?

We can all think of ways how we can improve the quality of life or make certain accommodations for people with developmental disabilities.

From my point of view, helping kids to grow and thrive in life is half the battle.

That is my goal when it comes to human service technology. Being able to take my autistic son on holiday, play music with him, and even teach him how to count and spell words was the best gift I could give to him.

As someone who believes deeply in the power of positive role models, I believe that everyone with ASD should have access to both personal and societal development.

what is human services technology If they are not taught how to express themselves and develop a sense of self, then they will continue to feel isolated and excluded.

In order to make my child happy, I wanted to make sure he felt loved and heard.

By being able to reach out to him and find his voice, he received that much needed unconditional love.

Our families must understand that there is no perfect time to talk to our kids about their feelings,

however, it is important that we remember to discuss them when necessary and respect their opinions.

Being able to educate them to the fullest extent possible is only going to allow them to further their education and further their careers as well.

Since most children with ASD need some extra help to focus on what’s most important to them, this type of guidance can be extremely helpful, helping them to achieve new levels of independence.

Even though I struggled through schoolwork when it came to reading, I noticed that having a teacher

who saw a potential interest in reading for my son allowed me to discover a passion that would soon carry over into adulthood. With the right support,

we can help create strong emotional bonds and be aware that we aren’t always alone.

Human services technology can be a great tool in improving our communities and environments. Knowing that you can ask us questions and get honest answers was something that gave me hope and strength.

People with ASD, like my family, want to be valued and accepted by others.

These same people, who may not normally be accepted, can now use technological aid to form bonds and relationships with friends.

They can have confidence in each other and feel as though they are part of a group.

This is a great way of forming lasting friendships and forming deeper understanding between friends as well.

Through human services technology, we are able to make sure that our clients feel cared for and loved, both physically and emotionally.

We can make sure that our client’s have proper space to relax and recharge from day to day activities.

Depending on the individual, it could be a huge task to set clear objectives.

However, implementing this type of strategy and planning can help those with autism to realize their full potential.

what is human services technology You can have the proper devices in place so that everything is easily accessed and understood by those with ASD.

Having such strategies and tools in place allows them to be more active members of society without being segregated from the general public.

Human services technology allows these individuals to experience life to their fullest.

They are no longer trapped within a small box of limitations.

When these individuals are able to participate in everyday functions, they become more independent and confident which can lead to greater happiness.

Our work with these individuals involves teaching them the skills and resources they need, giving them tools to complete daily assignments and tasks.

As humans, we have limits as far as what we can do, and we want to be able to enjoy our free time. Some of the best time to enjoy your free time is during leisure time.

To accomplish this goal, humans need to be supported and trained. what is human services technology By enabling these individuals to become more independent,

we increase the chances of them achieving the goals

They have been looking to achieve and eventually realizing their passions and becoming successful.

One of the things that kept me awake at night over and over again was my dream of joining the military. For years, people like me have been told what “military recruiters” do for us.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for me.

I was told that I could join one of two groups- the Army/Navy or Air Force/Marines Corps – but each one requires a separate list of requirements.

The basic requirements for enlisting were quite extensive;

But with the right equipment and support, anyone who has autism can succeed in these roles.

Because the Army required such extensive training before allowing people with ASD to enlist,

I couldn’t stand the thought of having to sit in boring classes just to pass passing the test for entry level jobs.

During interviews for the Marine corps, the process was quite straightforward and we were both given multiple testing exercises to pass.

Once it became evident that my daughter would be accepted into any of these types of army or marine branch,

I finally got the chance to join the Marine Corps.

My goal was to join the Marine Corps as a medic, but I soon realized that being a medic on such a large scale could be very tricky.

I wanted to pass these tests and prove that I could be as effective as anybody else.

If I had known the reality of what actually went in and out of the facility with the Marine Corps,

I would probably still be doing my job. The fact that the Marine Corp is basically like the Air Force and the Navy,

but with a slightly less intense training, would have been much harder.

Seeing as I was also certified as a nurse, I was pretty ecstatic when the recruiter explained that she had been asked me to sign up as a Nursing Student Nurse.

Not knowing much about nursing in America, I

quickly volunteered, signing up for the course. At first, I felt nervous about starting my own little hospital on wheels.

But the recruiter reassured me that it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Within a few weeks, the school was packed full of nurses ready to take patients and provide emergency room care for those who needed immediate attention. One thing led to another,

so it made sense that the nursing unit I was put in would require a lot of paperwork and paperwork was required. what is human services technology

Just like all the training and exams that had been covered by the medical school, nursing exams were also covered by an eight month mark if they hadn’t already passed.

Now that I had signed up, I needed to begin registering for Nurses Training Program (NTP) courses.

It took a while, but eventually I was able to register for the NTP courses and be enrolled in four-week online courses before I had to meet with my mentor for my final exam.


Top 10 Skills for Human Services Technology Professionals

Human services technology professionals work in a variety of settings, including schools, mental health agencies, and rehabilitation centers.

They are responsible for coordinating with members of their team to provide the best care possible to the individuals they serve.

what is human services technology The key to success in this field is having strong communication skills,

strong listening skills, and excellent writing and analytical skills.

Here are the top 10 human services technology skills that every human services technology professional should have.


1) Attitude

As a human services technology professional, your attitude matters.

Whether you’re dealing with a difficult client or an impatient supervisor,

It’s critical to maintain an optimistic outlook—you have to believe that things will improve, and then they will.

Don’t get down on yourself if you make a mistake; view it as an opportunity to learn something new about your work.



2) Communication

Human services technology professionals communicate a lot.

You’ll be communicating with other professionals in your field, with clients and consumers of human services,

with volunteers and advocates—and a lot of these communications will happen digitally.

Digital communication skills can make or break you as a human services professional,

So it’s imperative that you work on your communication skills to improve your digital footprint.


3) Attention to Detail

When working in a fast-paced field such as human services technology, nothing can be left to chance.

The smallest of mistakes could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars wasted in unnecessary expenses, and you’ll never want to make that mistake.

Always be on top of your game by paying attention to detail;

you’ll find it will increase your productivity and save you money over time.


4) Patience

Anyone in human services technology has to be able to keep a cool head, especially when things get tough.

Having patience is one of those skills that’s especially important when dealing with people you never know how someone will react to bad news or whether they’ll end up wanting to get you fired!

But although it might sound like an easy skill, patience is something that needs to be cultivated. In fact, some of us are inherently more patient than others (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

If you’re not a naturally patient person, one of your most important tasks will be becoming more patient over time.

Take some time every day even if it’s just five minutes in line at Starbucks—to practice patience with all your interactions.


5) Customer Service Skills

The ability to think quickly on your feet and retain and relay information to customers is vital in customer service jobs.

This skill set encompasses a variety of tasks, including selling, following company protocols for handling complaints, interpreting rules and policies and answering questions about company guidelines.

As a human services technology professional, you’ll likely spend much of your time in customer service interactions if you work at a call center or similar setting.

The goal here is to earn repeat business from happy customers who will refer others to your company in turn.


6) Problem Solving Skills

Working in human services technology means that you’ll be often working with people who are going through some difficult times.

Because of that, it’s important to have good problem-solving skills—you need to know how to best support your clients.

Knowing how to work in a crisis situation can also be beneficial;

There will be times when something unexpected happens and you need to help solve it.


7) Curiosity and Initiative

The mission-critical skills for human services technology professionals are curiosity and initiative.

In an industry where innovation is vital,

Technology professionals have to have the drive to learn on their own when no one else knows more about a subject than they do.

They also have to take initiative: If something isn’t working,

They need to know when it needs fixing—and then fix it.


8) Knowledge of Digital Tools and Channels

Online collaboration, outreach and direct digital intervention make up much of what it means to be a human services technology (HST) professional.

Knowing how to find and use online information is one of many important digital skills you need to succeed in your field.

The same is true of knowing how to design, build and maintain digital tools used in social work practice—tools,

That can range from informational websites like NASW’s

Find-A-Therapist directory to complex applications used by entire organizations like Child Welfare Information Gateway.


9) Creativity

Although it’s not typically thought of as a skillset, human services technology professionals rely on their creative talents to solve problems and design new solutions.

If you want to be successful in human services technology,

You’ll need to take a step back from time to time and try to see things from different perspectives—your consumers’ perspectives.

Asking yourself how your product or solution will change or improve people’s lives is an important first step in creating meaningful digital solutions.

Using your creativity will help you think outside-the-box and lead your organization into better solutions.


10) Analytical Abilities

All human services technology professionals need to be adept at solving problems and making informed decisions.

Whether a case worker is deciding how best to spend her time with a client or an IT professional is analyzing

system performance, making effective judgments about data is critical.

If you’re already proficient in quantitative analyses, human services technology might be right for you;

If not, consider brushing up on your statistics or computer science skills ,

So that you can use data as effectively as possible.



Are you interested in human services technology?

Do you want to help make a positive impact on people’s lives?

If so, there are many skills that will be helpful. You can create websites, perform cyberstalking and help others navigate technology.

what is human services technology Are these skills interesting to you?

Would you like to learn more about them?

Keep reading for more information about human services technology and

How it can help improve your career today!

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