What is ChatGPT 3 vs 4?

What is ChatGPT 3 vs 4?


What is ChatGPT 3 vs 4? If you were freaking out about chat GPT 3 chat GPT 4 is coming out

This summer I did it again one more time listen to the guys today’s topic is tragic

BT man this is kind of crazy like Chad GPT 3 just came out this year and

We’ve seen all the cool things that can generate as far as you know tools for

Us developers but shoot like this is crazy like they’re already working

On part four version four like you.

Overview of ChatGPT 3

What is ChatGPT 3 vs 4?¬† gpt4 is in beta okay and a certain amount of people already have access to it they’re playing around with it seeing how it works and seeing you know what type of results it’s giving us okay how this thing is just constantly growing exponentially, to be honest with you so imagine this right in 1998 Yan Le Coons uh breakthrough narrow Network Lynette supported 60 000 parameters now again the increase of parameters are a measure or complexity of the neural machine to do useful things uh

What is ChatGPT 3 vs 4?

Overview of ChatGPT 4

What is ChatGPT 3 vs 4? it should enable Chad gpd4 to be able to work on more complex topics and even give you more accurate results but this Guyana cool he had created this uh neural network called Lynette and it has 60 000 parameters that were in 1998. now 20 years later open AI which is a company that created the version of GPT had a 110 million parameters now in gpt2 it has about 1.7 billion and the one that we can use now gpd3 has about 175 billion parameters now going by this let’s just say let’s go by those numbers and imagine this gpt4 probably has a brown 1.75 trillion parameters this is gonna get out of hand out here right it’s gonna get crazy now for us developers

Comparison between ChatGPT 3 and 4

What is ChatGPT 3 vs 4? I’m gonna lose my job I’m gonna be so stressed out you know hey I code for food like you don’t need to start writing your sign already okay calm down okay this is just tools but at the end of the day is going to be a very useful tool for us as developers because who knows maybe we could ask the uh you know artificial intelligence hey write a better version of JavaScript right let’s say for example and maybe we could get a way better version than what we’re can write right now right or maybe create a new programming language or um

Training data and size comparison

I don’t know maybe say you know help me build an AI and the chat GPT can go in and maybe teach you the basics of it and get you up and running okay so you know again this is just tools that we’re gonna be able to use so again don’t be so scared right um but this is gonna be very exciting to be honest with you guys okay

It is going to be pretty out of hand a lot of people is gonna be losing their mind when it comes out again okay uh but also too you know what’s crazy you know there’s this article from The New York Times where they signal that uh Google’s management team basically the the clear like code red they’re like yo hold on they’re losing their too because technically you could use Chad GPT to do your searches and be like hey um

Text generation

I don’t know give me the best website to check NBA sports uh I don’t know NBA sports records right or hey uh give me the best website to find uh I don’t know the best books on sci-fi right or what are the best books in sci-fi Etc.

Advantages of ChatGPT 4 over 3

there are a million things that you could be asking this child gbt uh prompt right and basically at that point what will be the point of using Google when you really think about it like sometimes we use Google for like really dumb questions just like little simple things that now maybe we could just use Tag GPT for that okay instead of using

Google uh so Google right now they’re losing this right now they’re like okay we need to be focusing on artificial intelligence and making sure that we add something similar to Jack get but for Google search results um

so this is good too for competition so it’s not just going to be this one company because right now we’re able to use Chad gbt right but let’s say in the future if they decide to pull the plug and say hey guys you know open Beta or the demo version that everybody’s able to use you no longer can use or hey guys don’t only way you could use this is through an API and you know every request that you guys do is going to cost you a dollar and fifty cents or something like that right they could do something like that and

Improved training data and size

if they don’t have any competition right they can set the Precedence and say hey guys we’re charging a dollar fifty for every question at that point then only the people that can afford uh to use this artificial intelligence are going to be able to get the benefit so you know having somebody like Google saying you know

Enhanced capabilities and performance

yes we like to own your data and yes we like to do a lot of advertisement with your data right uh but now we’re gonna go in and provide you with this new service that you can use artificial intelligence to create Articles or to go in and create um you know search results for you so that’s gonna be I think a good thing right the more competition that we have it just makes it better for all of us uh but yeah man what do you guys think about this are you guys excited for Chad gpt4 or not right or are you just like yo just burn the


whole system down you stressing out right now right um guys again stop stressing this is gonna be just tools and I think People Like Us developers we’re gonna take advantage of these tools and take this to the next level right everything from writing code to building applications to doing research to being able to figure out what will be like the right application we should build what will be you know the type of audience that we should Target Etc like I think with artificial intelligence

Summary of key differences between ChatGPT 3 and 4

we’re gonna get some cool results um for this okay so don’t stress out use this as a tool and understand how it works so then you could basically of this movement okay guys so anyways Man by the way I do want to mention to you guys that we are extending the coding phase New Year sale because a lot of people send me emails and they’re like yo you know I’m in Europe Hey Joe I’m in Asia I don’t even know so I say you know what let’s send it to this whole week okay so you still got um I believe until the 7th of January to get the sale um and again guys if you’ve never heard of codingface.com basically we teach you how to code we teach you how to uh pick up skills to actually get a job or start freelancing or even build your own business as a developer okay we don’t teach coding as a hobby that’s our motto okay if you want to learn how to code this is the best place for you guys especially.

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