What Country Invented the Internet

What Country Invented the Internet?

What Country Invented the Internet ?

What Country Invented the Internet today is so much more than a social media platform, it’s an integrated machine that supports itself and adapts to their environment.

The World Wide Web has been around for a very long time already – not just online but also offline. People used to be able to create and share content such as newspapers, books, magazines, etc.

But it didn’t take much effort – with one key change in its structure.

The WWW started in 1989 with Paul Harrison’s concept of Domain Name System (DNS). A DNS is essentially a hierarchical map of data on your computer. It maps your web host to your computer. Each domain name is assigned a unique ID, or IP address. These IP addresses are used to direct people to specific websites.

In 1989, things were simple enough. But things have changed by today’s standards. And they’re changing fast!

What Country Invented the Internet are happening across the world.

Here I am listing some countries that invented the internet.

what country invented the internet


In 1995 China was able to come up with something called TCP/IP protocol, which made communication like transferring files between users possible.

It used TCP/IP protocols for real-time communication which allowed users to communicate quickly and securely with other computers. This process took place across all parts of China. Its network became known as “China Internet”, using this technology. However, there was no way for people outside of China to access Internet services.

In addition to that, Chinese developers came up with the first server software named TCL NetTalk. They created several programs that supported TCP/IP protocols. Unfortunately, these systems could not perform complex tasks such as transferring large amounts of files quickly.



In India, a satellite radio network came out in 1972. Satellite radios of the era were only available from big companies who provided support for them. At the same time, we had another satellite (Satcom) company, Space Communications Ltd. As part of their project, they constructed Indian satellites known as “ROSA” (Radio Organized Satellite Applications) which were supposed to provide wireless communications.

The Rosas were launched into space at the Sikkim desert in Tibet. There they broadcast signals from Earth to nearby satellites. One of them was even broadcasted to Mars. Eventually, when NASA landed on Mars and sent rover spacecraft towards Venus to check if anything. What Country Invented the Internet? Interesting happened at those two planets, many of those rovers got stuck at Venus. So NASA decided to land back on Earth. That rover landed safely to our planet from where it used to land. When the rover landed, scientists at MIT came to see the probe and found out that our probe was actually going to touch mars. Of course, nobody expected Mars to be habitable. Scientists now know how to survive on the surface of Venus. Now science on mars is almost more possible than back in 1975.

In 1978, when Apollo 11 got launched from earth, scientists became aware of what we can do on Earth but cannot do out here. So NASA came up with a plan similar to ROSA. Instead of transmitting signals through cables to orbit around Earth, Neil Armstrong went to Venus and said, “Mars”. As soon as he landed, the astronauts were put on their spacesuits and flew to Mars with NASA’s Orion spacecraft. This time, they were able to get themselves to work. The mission was able to look for life on Mars.

NASA’s Lunar Lander also gave us the most wonderful photo of our solar system. For the first time, humans were able to view Earth from outer space and take photos like never before. During the summer season, it was really amazing. We all saw a glimpse of the moon and its moonlike beauty.

In 2001, India launched its second mission that eventually got the human beings to Mars.


South Korea

South Korea is home to South Korea Satellite Corporation which is a part of Samsung electronics. The corporation’s headquarters is located at Hwaseong county, Gangwon province, South Korea. Their main business is manufacturing satellites. These satellites can operate in different missions such as observation, communication and navigation.

South Korea is also the developer of next generation mobile phone systems in India. Also, having over 60 percent market share in smartphones in India, South Korea now plans to produce 200 million smartphones globally.

What Country Invented the Internet The new smartphone will act as a portable cellular device that can connect people to each other safely, even if they are far apart. Moreover, it is a great option if you prefer a smart watch and want to store important information about yourself.

South Korea has become a leader in developing innovative solutions. To tackle environmental issues, it began setting up its own national satellite program and a government research agency called NIS. With the help of foreign agencies, NIS also established various projects to develop technologies based on advanced materials and processes.


China and Russia

China developed a special version of TCP/IP protocol which enabled Internet users to send huge amounts of data. It also enabled the rapid transfer of information about a person from one user to another. The TCP/IP was basically developed by a team of engineers from Beijing National University of Science and Technology.

The TCP is able to handle large amounts of data in real-time. The TCP/IP is responsible for faster speeds, high bandwidth, low latency and reliability in transmission of data when compared to other kinds of networking protocols. This kind of design can be beneficial for small and middle-sized businesses mainly.

In 2002, it was discovered that the newly released iPhone. The iPhone was based on Apple’s iOS operating system, developed by Tim Cook. Then Apple had to update its entire ecosystem by developing new versions of the OS.

The iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 models were the best, they were extremely popular models of iPhones. Since then, many other brands and developers were interested to follow the footsteps of Apple. Soon, lots of competitors were coming up, both local and internationally. Android phones too came a little later.

In 2004, Google announced Android. By default Google modified the OS of Microsoft by adding security features like password lock to protect users’ private and personal information.

In the beginning, it was still not clear whether the OS was going to succeed. Most users were suspicious of Android. Still, the brand gained popularity within days of its launch. After few months, it already became Google Play Store and Google Search Engine.

At present, everyone uses android now. It was initially introduced in 2008 as the free service, then after a year, Apple adopted it as the service required for its products.

In 2009, Amazon started its cloud computing services platform – Bluehost. Although most people are aware of the fact that Bluehost hosting provider does not really host any website, everyone was unaware that it also allows anyone to develop a custom blog and publish articles on their blog under the domain name, by putting the subdomain, What Country Invented the Internet contains the actual domain name from a subdomain name. You can read the article “How Does AWS Work”, it’s really confusing.

Nowadays, a lot of bloggers use BLOG so that people don’t have to worry about blogging platforms.

China also entered the realm of social networks. Through this region, China started creating Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

what country invented the internet

In 2011, they also built an app to store their news and images. This app was named Hangzhou Moments App and was written by Tencent. And it became very successful.

India has created a series of apps for Android devices. Because of this success, the government of India encouraged entrepreneurs to make apps for business.

After the release of Google Playstore, millions of users in the world download applications on Android. According to Reuters, in 2014, the worldwide downloads crossed 1 billion. Millions of apps are now available on playstore for Android users.

In 2013, Baidu announced that they would offer Google Apps on Baidu Cloud. This means that one can easily install Google Apps on Baidu Cloud and download Google Apps without any problem. But there’s also a catch. Only applications downloaded directly from Google Playstore will be accessible on your Baidu Cloud account.

When it comes to WhatsApp, users can open the messaging application in order to send or receive messages. In 2014, WhatsApp finally became available on Android.

What Country Invented the Internet? For example, I opened WhatsApp to get my friend’s contact details or receive someone’s contacts.

Many other countries also developed apps for smartphones, which allow their customers to download and install apps easily on their smartphones.

I hope all these countries are still young and looking forward to learn more about their inventions and innovations in the near future.

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