Vex VR Dynamic Wall Maze Code

vex VR dynamic wall maze code


Have you ever wanted to code your own game or app? It’s easier than you think and today I’m going to show you how! I will be showing you how to code the popular VR wall maze game in the simple programming language of vex. In order to follow this tutorial, you will need access to a vex virtual reality headset.


Vex VR Dynamic Wall Maze Code

Vex VR Dynamic Wall Maze Code I am a college student majoring in computer science. I have been working with vex and unity for over three years now and love to create games, simulations, and other software. Recently I have been doing a lot of work with virtual reality, specifically in the area of virtual reality art. The following is the vex vr dynamic wall maze code for my recent project:
The following is the vex vr dynamic wall maze code for my recent project /*Wall Maze Example*/ vex::VR::maze_walls = true; //set this to false if you want normal walls instead of a maze
//creates two pieces that make up the outer walls (left and right)
var leftWall = vex::VR::create_wall();
var rightWall = vex::VR::create_wall();
//leftWall.SetPosition(0, 0); //rightWall.SetPosition(1, 0);
//sets the floor at eye level to prevent people from running off into space by accident when testing out an environment
var floor = vex::VR::create_ground(textures/stone);

The code

The vex VR dynamic wall maze is a project that uses vex to create a 2D, 3D world and then make that world interactive. There are three levels in the game: beginner, medium, and hard. You must complete each level before you can move on to the next level. The user is shown what the map looks like and they have to go through it collecting all of the stars while avoiding the monsters. They can do this by clicking on either side of their screen to move in that direction or they can use their arrow keys on their keyboard if they prefer not to use their mouse. Once they collect all the stars from that map, they get to move onto the next one. Each level has more monsters than the previous one which makes it harder for them to win because there are less chances for them to pass by them. The vex VR dynamic wall maze code was very fun and challenging.

How to use the code

To use the vex VR dynamic wall maze code, first download and install the latest version of vex from here.

Then, open vex and click on File then Open, and open up a file called

This is where you’ll see the vex coding for a puzzle that has an exit at one end and a goal at another.

The next step is to get your computer to recognize your VR headset by clicking on Device then Detect Devices.

Finally, click on Run in the top left hand corner of the screen in order to launch the game. Once you’re in the game,

use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to move around until you find yourself at an obstacle.

If there’s no way out, look down at the ground beneath you and press enter to go back to the starting point.

If there are three options, they will be shown as three different colors: blue, green, red. Blue means there’s a path ahead with no obstacles blocking it;

green means there’s an obstacle blocking it but if you have enough space between you and it when you

start walking again it won’t stop your progress; red means there’s no way forward because there are multiple blocks blocking your path.


The vex VR dynamic wall maze code is a way for the user to navigate through the 3D interactive world. The user can move in any direction and the walls will follow their motion. As they go, they will find objects that can be interacted with by turning or walking around it. This gives a sense of depth as well as perspective to the virtual environment. The user can also interact with other users of vex by using an avatar that represents them from head to toe in real time.


The vex VR dynamic wall maze code was written in Python to create a virtual reality environment that is navigated using the arrow keys. There are two dimensions, x and y, which can be traversed with the arrow keys to move around the grid. The arrows go up or down on each dimension and left or right on each dimension when they are paired together. The spacebar can be used to pause the game and return back to this menu.

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