Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House

Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House

Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House

When it Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House, more is better! The only downside for such a great service is the extra technical details involved when choosing and configuring your own web site and other applications hosted on our website. In addition, with an increase of traffic coming from worldwide users, there is a requirement to manage both public and private accounts so that they are not compromised by any single user’s actions.

However, you don’t need to create two separate websites on different instances of the same IP address, because web hosting companies offer you to host up to 3 websites per account. This makes sense for some and others may do it in small increments, just by providing you a temporary domain name which you will use as long as you keep paying them the monthly fee and their servers. But in this article, we are going to cover how you can host multiple sites in the same place. We will also provide recommendations to take care of all these websites at the same time. Let’s jump into it without further ado.


What’s the Difference?

The main difference is that each website has its own server and memory, whereas the others share the same RAM. So, if you want multiple websites of similar structure, Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House look to migrate them separately. If all this does not work, then you can always switch to cPanel or Plesk but we strongly recommend using a third-party solution like Digital Ocean Cloud or Amazon Web Services as well in case of dedicated resources on your machine.

You could also setup your blog/website on a shared Google Drive to make it accessible for everyone. Our recommended hosts are Kinsta and VPS Hosting where you can start creating multiple sites for free, but you should plan out the size as needed. To manage all these websites, it is important to understand how it works and what can be done next. To know about cloud hosting and what’s available in cPanel and Plesk, click here.


Create Multiple Websites At Once With Redirect

In most cases, when you choose the right hosting provider to host a website for your business, one thing to keep in mind is that your hosting company provides cPanel access so that your website can be accessed through an FTP client and installed on your computer to add more features but in most cases, you may find yourself redirecting pages and content to their servers directly. That way you get not only cPanel files (which can make the site much more difficult to navigate) but also your entire web server running on another instance of your computer.

Not being able to see and edit what happens on the browser side of things is not something you want to deal with now and again. However, after you go through your site folders and run-on-demand backups, you’ll be back in control of what kind of sites you host and what information you share between them. Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House While you may wish to save a folder on the server you’re currently working on so that you won’t have to refresh your website’s contents every time you run a new file, cPanel is very handy to prevent unnecessary duplication. Here’s how to do it:


Use cPanel to Create a New Website Using Subfolders on Server and Folder of Existing Site

Right-click on the website. Then select File -> New -> Blank Website. In this step, you’ll create a bare and empty website because it is still blank and will be what you’ll use in future. Since you’ve uploaded all web pages to your folder, you’ll probably want to delete any old ones in order to add your new one. Now you just have to choose where you’d like to create a subfolder inside the cPanel folder that you created. Just press Next button and fill in the necessary fields like DNS, IP address, etc., as long as it’s located somewhere within your domain name.

After filling in the required field, hit Save, and once the directory is ready, the site will appear before you. On the left hand side, you will see a toolbar containing several sections. Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House Select “Properties” located at the top, and you can modify it using a number of options. In my case, I had managed to change the size of the webpage so that in case I was to upload lots of content, it would enlarge rather than taking up space.

Also, instead of having a simple text box, I chose to choose HTML code, making sure that HTML tags were added and configured for everything that was present on the page. As soon as I finish editing, the new website will open and you can edit your existing content. After saving (and deleting), it will show as it is in your browser. If you want to delete those pages, follow same steps as shown below.


Right-click on the folder > Choose “Delete All Pages”

On the desktop side of the website, you may want to check your hosting account to ensure that no longer than 10 days are left for you to get access to it or reach us on live chat for assistance. This is why we strongly believe that a proper understanding of how to host and configure multiple websites is crucial to avoid any problems during the first few hours. It is important to note that there are different types of hosting accounts, so let’s talk about both basic and premium accounts.


To Create a Basic Account

Creating a basic account is pretty easy to grasp thanks to many paid WordPress plugins, adding additional content, adding themes, and setting up security and password protection. Can you have 2 Different Internet Services in One House Even though basic users may struggle with moving around their existing website or getting things running properly, the good news for them is that cPanel supports almost every imaginable feature you could require and can even be integrated with other apps, for example, WordPress. For more detailed tutorials, visit here for MySQL database and PHP scripting. Lastly, if you want to upgrade to a premium account, remember to login and signup via FTP client.

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