True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs

7 Best True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs


True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs

True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs When you come to your home after hectic office hours, damped with fatigue with the sparkling expectation to have a little bit of relaxation until you feel like a new bornnewborn baby, it is going to be a very painful day and if it gets on and on every other day, it is the worse.

As we are living in fast pacing world people need quick solutions before it gets too late.  The massage chair comes into play to all the workers, fathers, and mothers out there and eases their shoulders andwashesh the fatigue away.

It is the most convenient method people using worldwide and today we are going to list out the best 7 of human touch technology marvel “The Massage Chairs”.


How to choose a massage chair?  

Choosing the best massage chair is a simple process but most oe people don’t look up to it.  The following aspects are mandatory in a True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs, are

  • Remote control:  You can control where you need to get massaa ge and also it comes various features.
  • Auto shut-off:  when it becomes overheated it automaticallshutsut off.
  • Swivel type:  It can be convenient in offices if it has swivel base.
  • Body scan:  Some massage chair has automatic body scan which shows where you have more fatigue and where you have less, which helps in your message.
  • Space saving: can save space which is enough for a single person



  1. Mynta Massage Chair


This massage chair provides 7 automatic modes with good Thai stretching massage. True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs It comes with an SL track space curve rail which makes the massage more enjoyable.

The speed of the rollers can be adjustable with 3 levels and one year warranty with good customer care service.

Notable Features:

  • 3D robot hand massage techniques
  • It has 3 minutes fast heating
  • Extended footrest and quality Bluetooth speaker

Pros and Cons

  • It comes with fa ully assembled package so you don’t need to worry about installation.
  • Easy to move
  • The settings and remote is very easy to use

Howev,er some customers had problems with loud noises and too intense and sometimes painful in lower setting.


  1. BOSSCARE Massage Chair



This massage chair comes with an installed inside the package. True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs It gives full body massage and has six auto programs.

It has 14 massage balls and 3 levels of massage strength to improve the quality of your session.

Notable feature:

  • It has full bodfull-bodyerage
  • Zero gravity massage chair with Bluetooth speaker.
  • Weight capacity up to 120 KG.


Pros and Cons

  • Fatigue free within 30 minutes.
  • Comfortable massage experience from Faux leather
  • Comes with easy installation

Howeve,r complaints have been given due to improper working of rollers on the neck region.


  1. Real Relax Massage Chair



This massage chair comes with stretching function which is designed to relieve pain and fatigue.  It has 3 levels adjustable for wide, middle, and narrow.

The SL Track has rangeup too 135cm massage distance making a pleasant session for the customers.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable massage width
  • Auto massage mode
  • Extended calf


Pros and Cons

  • Satisfactory stretch function
  • Quality leather coating
  • Auto sensing and full body scan

Howeve,r complaints have been risen from customers because of glitchesinm remotes.


  1. SMAGREHO Massage Chair



This massage chair comes with a zero gravity feature which can shift thcenterre of gravity to your bottom and thus reducing the pressure from joints, and the spine.

Height can be adjustable and all you have to do is press down your feet as the chair reclines and slides open more.

Notable Features:

  • Auto body detection
  • Smart body scan and full body Air Massage
  • Bluetooth connection with Bluetooth speaker

Pros and Cons

  • The SL track gets under your bottom and up to your neck
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Gives Thai Stretching Massage

However some customers noted hearing weird vibrating noises from the rollers few months after purchase.


  1. MassaMax 2022 Massage Chair



This massage chair has an exceptional feature of intelligent voice control which is unique to your voice. True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs It comes with 3 year Warranty and great customer service.

It massages 50% larger in area compare to S track.


Notable Features:

  • Feet and Calve massage
  • Intelligent voice controller
  • Space saving design and full body scan

Pros and Cons

  • The leg attachment feature is quite amazing
  • Fits to larger size body
  • No buzzing noises. Totally quite operation.

However the installation process is quite tough for customers and somehow it becomes inconvenient.


  1. Infinity IT-8500 X3


This True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs is designed with 3D/4D massage technology.  The robotic hands can feel like human hands and your massage session becomes very enjoyable.

It comes with top notch zero gravity reclines and lumber heat.

Notable features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built in Bluetooth speaker
  • 3D massage rollers

Pros and Cons

  • The new technology of 3D/4D massage gives you great massage experience.
  • The stretch feature is great especially for back pain relief.
  • Full body scan and automatic control are notable features.

However the massage chair does not come with calf heat feature which is considered as a minor drawback.


  1. Daiwa Supreme Hybrid


This massage chair is one of the unique models in the market of True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs.  It has L shaped massage track which gives you the experience of yoga stretching.

It has a better massage system which provides you multi stoke six rollers system.

Notable Features:

  • Full body Reach with the help of Multi-stroke six rollers system
  • Full body scan
  • Zero gravity experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity and quality Bluetooth speakers.

Pros and Cons  

The hybrid technology gives you immense experience than any other massage chair.

  • The leg rest has therapeutic heat function.
  • Fully automatic programs

As it has most notable features it is pricey compare to others.

True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs

Conclusion of True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs

The human touch technology gives this marvelous piece of work “The Massage Chair” which in turns relieving the stress, pressure and fatigue with many other benefits.

Before purchasing your own True Touch Massage Pedicure Chairs the above mentioned features and pick your BEST!

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