Top 10 Lessons Learned from Working with a 10x Developer

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Working with a 10x Developer

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Working with a 10x Developer

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Working with a 10x Developer

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Working with a 10x Developer One of the toughest challenges in working with other people, no matter what role they play, is figuring out how well they’re performing their job relative to your expectations and performance standards. So, how do you determine whether or not someone falls into the category of 10x developer? Here are 10 things I learned from my own experiences working with a 10x developer.

They’re not as rare as you think

Most people think that 10x developers are as rare as unicorns. The reality is they’re not. You can find them in the wild if you know what to look for. In my experience, here are the top ten lessons I learned about working with a 10x developer

They’re not always the best at everything

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from working with a 10x developer is that they’re not always the best at everything. When you work with them, you need to be open to the fact that there are things they won’t be able to do for you because of their skillset or because it’s just not something they’re interested in. It can be frustrating when you find out someone can’t help you, but it’s also empowering to know that when it comes down to it, your project will get done by someone who is more than capable of getting the job done. Your team will have different strengths and weaknesses and even if one person is better than another at something, that doesn’t mean they’re better all around.

They’re always learning

The more you know, the better. A 10x developer is always learning and never stops. They’re always reading, watching tutorials on YouTube, listening to podcasts, and using any opportunity they can find to get better at what they do.
They don’t just learn one thing and then stop. Learning is like a spider web; the more strands there are in it the stronger it becomes. The same applies to their knowledge of technology or any subject matter they’re passionate about. The more things they know about, the better their understanding of all of them will be when it comes time for them to put that knowledge into practice.

They’re always teaching

1) Be on the lookout for opportunities to teach your team members.
2) Focus on what matters most. When you’re working with a 10x developer, there are always things that can be optimized.
3) Look for patterns in their work and have them demonstrate how they would fix the problem or provide insight into the solution.
4) Provide feedback where needed and be specific about what they need to change or improve. 5) Work in tandem. Having a partner to bounce ideas off of will help you find solutions faster and make decisions easier. 6) Encourage creativity by finding ways that they can contribute outside of their day-to-day tasks.

They’re always pushing themselves

A 10X developer is always pushing themselves to be better. They’re not afraid to fail, in fact, they know that failure is an essential part of the process. It’s not uncommon for them to take a project they’ve already completed and redo it because they want to make sure they did their best work. They are constantly searching for new ways to improve their skillset and find new challenges that will push them even further. The ones I’ve worked with also have an incredible work ethic. They’re always focused on getting the job done and making sure that it’s done right, which can sometimes lead them to sacrificing their own personal life in order to get things accomplished.

They’re always pushing others

A 10x developer is someone who always pushes others to do better. They’re the person who will take on difficult tasks and deliver, even if they’re exhausted. They’ll be the one to put in that extra hour when no one else does. They’re always coming up with new ways to make things more efficient and less time-consuming. The best thing about working with a 10x developer is that they push you to do your best work too and you can’t help but get better as a result!

They’re always open to feedback

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that a 10x developer is always open to feedback. Asking for feedback, taking it in and acting on it will make them better at what they do. The only way to get better is to put the work in and be receptive to criticism. Being able to ask for feedback before and after something has been completed can help you grow as a developer and learn new things about yourself as well.

They’re always willing to help

A common characteristic of the 10x developer is that they’re always willing to help. This is one of the most important lessons learned from working with a 10x developer and one that you can’t really appreciate until you’ve been on both sides of the fence. They’re willing to help because they want to make sure things work, but they also feel like they’re part of your team. The best teams share responsibilities, and it’s refreshing to know that as long as you ask for help, someone will be there for you.

They’re always challenging the status quo

One of the best things about working with the 10x developer is that they always challenge the status quo. When you’re in a meeting, they’ll ask questions and make suggestions to help improve your product or process. They will also often go out of their way to find solutions for problems you didn’t even know existed. It’s really nice to work with someone who has this level of creativity and problem-solving skills!

They’re always worth the investment

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing developers over the last few years. Some of them have been so good, that I would consider them to be a 10x developer. They’re always worth the investment, as they can often do the work of many people and produce quality results quickly. But there are also other things that can make it worth investing in a 10x developer…
1. Their skillset is often broader than your average developer 2. They’re not afraid to take on challenging tasks 3. They typically stay up-to-date on technology trends and new advancements in their field 4. You’ll get better collaboration between departments 5. They come up with innovative solutions that can solve complex problems 6.

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