The University of Technology offers a wide variety of courses!

The University of Technology offers a wide variety of courses!

The University of Technology offers a wide variety of courses!

The University of Technology offers a wide variety of courses!

The University of Technology offers a wide variety of courses!

Want to get ahead of your competition and make sure that you’re the first choice in any job interview? The University of Technology has you covered with our wide array of courses in virtually every subject area, from computer programming to creative writing, giving you experience and skills that will help you to stand out from the crowd. To find out more about what courses we offer and how we can help you achieve your career goals, get in touch with us today!


University of Technology is the premier institution for higher education in Australia. With its main campus located in Sydney, the university has been granted degree-granting status by the New South Wales government. UTS provides a diverse range of programs to choose from and is ranked as one of the most international universities in Australia. It educates about 52,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world.
The University’s motto is: Tuitio Fidei et Amore Patriae which translates to Defence of our faith and love for our country. This motto reflects its Catholic background and has remained unchanged since 1887 when it was first adopted by UTS’s predecessor Sydney College.

List of courses

A degree at the University of Technology will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your career. The university has just been ranked as one of the top universities in Australia, coming in at number 26th. UoT offers degrees that cover many disciplines, so no matter what interests you have there is something for you here. We offer degrees in engineering, IT, health sciences and psychology. In addition to our undergraduate degrees we also offer postgraduate qualifications including masters’ degrees and doctoral programs in different disciplines. The University of Technology is committed to providing students with an excellent learning experience which includes an active academic community who are both committed and knowledgeable about their subject area.

Why the University of Technology is the best place to study

The University of Technology is the best place to study because it has such a wide variety of course offerings, and many opportunities for students to excel in their studies.
University of Technology specializes in business and entrepreneurship so that students can go out into the world with skills for success.
In addition, the University has an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, which means that you will have individualized attention from professors and staff who want nothing more than for you to succeed.
Lastly, the College Board ranks University of Technology as one of the best schools in America – which speaks volumes about its academic excellence.

The benefits of studying at University of Technology

Studying at University of Technology means you get to be surrounded by some of the best minds in the world. Your professors are leaders in their respective fields and we offer a wide variety of courses, from sociology to finance. Plus, there is an abundance of resources on campus for your use, including our Career Centre and library. If that’s not enough to convince you that this school is the place for you, then come visit us and see what all the buzz is about! Our friendly staff would love to show you around the University of Technology and answer any questions that you may have. We’re sure that once you step foot on our grounds, University of Technology will feel like home to you.

How to apply to University of Technology

The University of Technology offers a diverse curriculum that is sure to have something for everyone. In addition, the emphasis on experiential learning and internships help graduates be better prepared for the workforce. Students have even been known to learn different languages through their coursework. With so many options available, it’s time to find the best fit for you!


University of Technology is committed to providing its students with the best education and experience possible. To do so, the University provides various course options for its students to take advantage of. The courses offered at University of Technology are designed to provide students with skills that are applicable in today’s competitive job market, as well as in the future. University of Technology is dedicated to providing an innovative, challenging and rewarding educational experience for all their students. They offer a number of programs which are unique to this university and give students access to skills not taught anywhere else in Canada.
To be admitted into University of Technology, you need 4 years of secondary school education or equivalent such as a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or High School Equivalency Certificate (HSE). University of Technology also recognizes international qualifications such as General Certificate of Education (GCE), Advanced Placement (AP) courses, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), French Baccalauréat Programme, etc. Students can apply to University of Technology through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) application form or they can submit applications directly through the school website.

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