The Top 5 Virtual Reality Interior Design Companies

The Top 5 Virtual Reality Interior Design Companies

The Top 5 Virtual Reality Interior Design Companies You Need to Know About


The Top 5 Virtual Reality Interior Design Companies  The field of interior design has been around since the beginning of civilization, but it’s always grown and evolved along with society. That’s why now you can find virtual reality interior design companies that utilize VR technology to help their clients see what the inside of their home or office space will look like before the work ever begins in real life. To get started with your virtual reality interior design project, here are the top five companies you should know about and contact today.

The Top 5 Virtual Reality Interior Design Companies

1) Oculus

Oculus is the first virtual reality company that has made it so you can be inside a virtual environment. When you use their headsets, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR, you will feel like you are in another world. For example, if you want to see what your living room would look like with a new paint job or rearranged furniture, just put on the headset and take a look around. If this sounds like something that could be useful for interior design purposes, then take a look at these five top companies that specialize in virtual reality interior design

2) HTC Vive

Virtual reality is changing the way we work and live. From engineering to architecture, and beyond, this technology has the potential to revolutionize our lives. One of the many ways VR can change how we live is through interior design. If you’re looking for a virtual reality interior design company that knows what they’re doing and is committed to making your idea a reality, then here are five companies you need to know about

3) Sony PlayStation VR

Virtual reality interior design companies are in high demand with the recent launch of Sony PlayStation VR. The company is already known for its video games, but now it is poised to expand into a new market with virtual reality interior design companies. The virtual reality kit will be released on October 13th, 2016, and will come with a set of headphones, a processor unit, and a VR headset. It’s easy to see why this is such an exciting new development for the company and how virtual realities may soon be transforming the way that people think about their home décor.

4) Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality interior design is a relatively new concept that is now being explored by many industry experts. The Samsung Gear VR, in particular, has been able to offer an unprecedented level of quality and accessibility to virtual reality projects, making it one of the top virtual reality interior design companies out there.
Virtual reality interior design offers many benefits for designers and homeowners alike. For designers, it can be difficult or impossible to visualize what a space will look like before it’s designed and built; with virtual reality interior design, they can take a 3D model from their computer into the room virtually and see how different options will impact the space.

5) Google Cardboard

Virtual reality has become an increasingly popular way of experiencing the world. Google Cardboard is one of the simplest ways to explore virtual reality, and it’s especially great for interior design. With this virtual reality interior decorating system, you can see how a space might look with different colors, furniture arrangements, flooring options, and more before you make any changes. Here are five of the top VR interior design companies that make designing your home a whole lot easier:
1) Matterport – Matterport lets you create immersive 3D tours using only a smartphone. Their technology also allows you to measure spaces in your home so they can be recreated digitally with precision.
2) IKEA Place – Tired of making countless trips back and forth from IKEA? The new IKEA app will allow you to plan out your shopping list right on your phone, place virtual items around your house to get a better sense of how they would fit into your current space, and even preview their virtual catalogs. 3) VR2Plan Home – Imagine if you could go shopping without leaving the comfort of your couch! VR2Plan Home brings together online furniture retailers like West Elm or Pottery Barn to give users a realistic idea of what various items will look like in their living room or bedroom. 4) Mura Space – A rather unique take on virtual reality interior design comes from Mura Space.


Virtual reality interior design has come a long way since just being for gaming. Using virtual reality, you can get an immersive 3D look at your new home before it’s built. It’s also great for seeing how furniture will work in your space before you purchase.
Here are the top five virtual reality interior design companies that you need to know about:
1) Inscape VR – This company is great because they offer both 360 and 3D architectural renderings of any room in your house. The best part is that there is no cost for their services!

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