Star Trek Virtual Reality Room

Star Trek Virtual Reality Room

Star Trek Virtual Reality Room

It’s a weird feeling when you can see the whole planet from space and then look down at Earth and say, “Wow, I’ve never seen that before!” in Star Trek Virtual Reality Room. I’ve watched all of the series on TV, but this is my first time doing it in VR, which in some ways takes things to another level.

There are three different types of planets and each planet has their own theme and story to tell (my favorite being The Planet That Ends With ‘The’ sign). Each of these stories have stories and characters that change throughout the seasons but eventually stick to the same core theme. This is Star Trek Virtual Reality Room something that will be important to you in the future as your character grows and changes over time. Some of the themes will surprise you and others may take a bit more time for them to click with you. So let’s get into it now!


Star Trek Virtual Reality Room

The Original Generation

My Experience…

The First Season begins in an era where many nations were expanding across space to protect themselves against alien threats. At the height of war between Federation and Klingon Empire, we have been transported back to that period. Star Trek Virtual Reality Room An ancient civil war has been waged between the United States and China and so the United State forces seek out allies, such as the Klingons. One nation however poses a much harder challenge than any other and they decide to invade.

While those people try and fight back against the invading nation, the United States is secretly plotting its way around the world, going into faraway places. After years of fighting and the deaths of thousands of people during the Civil War, peace finally seems to arrive and the United States decides to make a peaceful settlement between both sides.


The Second Generation

The Next Generation (The Original Series)

As our heroes start working together to defeat the evil Empire, the new generation of U.S. military personnel join in the effort. They face an enemy called “the People” who have taken control of the entire planet and want revenge on the Federation because of their actions during the Civil War. Star trek virtual reality room crossword As well as battling alongside our soldiers to find and destroy the base where they escaped, the United States also sets up undercover agents to track the ‘People’ so that we can stop them before anyone else can. While searching for the ‘People,’ we discover the true nature of their race and find evidence of a conspiracy in place within the government.

Things then go downhill fast, when the United States discovers that the rebellion is completely fake and led by someone named Dr. Trill whose plans have nothing to do with the war. He simply wants to take control of the entire planet and enslave all sentient beings in the galaxy. However Star trek virtual reality room crossword Trill had actually been working for us along with another man named Bewar, before escaping. To save their lives, our crew members disguise Trill as a soldier and kidnap him for work. But once he makes it to Mars, the Rebellion is quick in getting him imprisoned just like what happened in the case of the previous Imperials.

Star Trek Virtual Reality Room We find ourselves trapped after an escape attempt fails to kill the real Trill. Although he escapes from prison, it turns out that while trying to bring his plan to fruition, Trill was somehow captured and killed by these rebels. In turn, this gives us the opportunity to go back in time 5 years and learn more about the events of that point in history and how we got here. In the meantime though, we need to find the next Commander or she will die very soon. Luckily when we finally meet her, Trill is not ready to give himself over to the rebellion and tells us to leave now.


The Final Generation

The End of Our Time

So as a result of the events that occurred during the 2nd generation of our universe, the 3rd generation of ours were formed and started following the rest of the stars. Throughout the timeline there is always hope of returning home and that each ship is part of this journey. Star Trek Virtual Reality Room As she returned to help us prepare for our exit, Trill came aboard and gave many speeches. She took us through all the technology that Starfleet had developed. And even though she did things that made us think twice, Trill still kept our hopes alive.


Star Trek Virtual Reality Room

The New Generation

The Beginning of Our Future

As our ships left the port of Kirk, we continued towards the horizon and could see that the stars looked rather beautiful and the planets seemed quite large. A moment later, as we were leaving the coast of Jupiter. Even though this time it wasn’t a Federation vessel, we had no choice but to retaliate. Star Trek Virtual Reality Room Unfortunately, this sent us flying and the Enterprise lost balance and plunged straight into the heart of Saturn. Just as we feared, we landed on the water of Saturn and went deeper into space. The last thing we saw was the bright lights of deep space.

Not wanting to lose sight of one more day, we turned back and headed towards the light side of the sun and the Milky Way. Then all of a sudden a storm hit us and the light began to dimmer. Once again we tried to escape and only a few moments later, star trek virtual reality chamber as we turned back towards the Enterprise, the last of our lights began to shine and then vanished. Only moments before, a small spaceship appeared from nowhere and the door to it opened and a woman stepped inside. Without blinking, a black orb of light fell to the floor and it absorbed itself into the ground.

She was known as a Jadoka and she and the Jadoka had lived for generations with the goal of merging with the federation and bringing its benefits to their life. Star trek virtual reality room crossword The queen of the Jadoka had long ago gained the intelligence needed to overcome a past that held terrible secrets.

What to say to achieve the desired outcome. The Jadoka knew if they didn’t cooperate, she would easily be able to destroy them but instead. Wanted to merge with their minds and use their brains for the benefit of the Federation. Star Trek Virtual Reality Room When the Jadoka heard about the Federation. Sending probes into the inner world of humanity, she immediately realized that she could use her brains to gain information.

Since the Jadoka had a strong desire to see human life thrive, having the ability to communicate and even understand it, she knew that this would take us very far away from the Federation. She began to study us and our future while manipulating the Jadoka into thinking that she was helping us. Because of this, the Jadoka became extremely powerful. She even star trek virtual reality chamber had a weapon on her shield which was meant to protect herselfut really was used to capture us if the Jadoka decided to come for us again. Due to this, the Jadoka tried to convince us and the rest of society of why this mission was necessary and the Jadoka was sure that we would not question them for very long.


The Last Generation

Star Trek Virtual Reality Room

The Federation and Humanity

As the Federation began exploring the cosmos, they found the Jadoka would use their brain technology to monitor their progress to know exactly what they were doing. This allowed the Federation to observe both their progress and their interactions with the Jadoka. Star Trek Virtual Reality Room During this time, the Federation also had begun to consider whether or not humans could be categorized into separate races within the Federation. This brought our race into conflict with the Jadoka and the idea of merging with them. As time progressed, it became clear that they were creating weapons of mass destruction.

The Federation and Humanity

Star Trek Virtual Reality Room

Our Destiny as Human

The Next Step Towards Eternal Freedom

Once again the Jadoka tried to fool us with promises of what a new form of science could have, but this time it was different. Star Trek Virtual Reality Room For the first time ever the Jadoka was able to put us on notice. They could even control gravity and time. To combat this attack, the Jadoka turned a tiny object that was only visible to us so the lights would flicker and fizzle out when it passed.

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