Soft Technology Occupational Therapy

Soft Technology Occupational Therapy

Soft Technology Occupational Therapy


What is Soft Technology?


Technology is the key which drives the motor of human realm that takes us all to evolution.  In the modern era this term has coined millions of innovations and fundamental solutions for most of the criteria that we all struggled upon for hundreds of years.  The term technology is divided into two major sects that are hard technology and soft technology.  Today we are going to learn what is soft technology, its character and applications Soft Technology Occupational Therapy.


What is Soft Technology?

As we know technology has two parts hard technology and soft technology, the hard technology deals with material related and soft technology deals with human psychology.

Soft technology is the inner foundation of social, economic and human activities.  By manifesting laws, methods of improvement in institution level and being a guide through material for adaptation in subjective and objective world.

The term “soft” here only relatable to entities without any physical form.  It plays its vitals in human internal consciousness and helps us to achieve better improvement in the community.

The services Soft Technology Occupational Therapy provides can only be through intangible modes such as service, rules, procedures and institution.

It teaches us higher level of understanding in human psychological. Activity and social environment also provides knowledge about subjective and objective world.


The Characteristics of Soft Technology

  • As its name says the technology is an entity which provides service.  For hard tech it deals with material related services such as cars, railways etc, and for soft tech it deals with human psychology and social, economic and human activities.
  • The developments and innovations happen in human culture is often influence by soft technology.  The human view point on morality, cultural background has gone through many changes over the years, soft technology has these as its operational body.
  • For us humans the hard tech refers what is outside of our body and the soft tech refers what is inside.  We have distinctive emotions, feelings, thoughts and values, Soft Technology Occupational Therapy gives us deeper understanding in humanity and human factors so we can clear out the misgiving and decide how we should alter those sectors from base level.
  • Hard tech deals with physical world and soft tech deals with spiritual world.  Here the spiritual world emphasizes our consciousness.  For example if we are suffering from heartache and decide to solve it we buy medicines, which is related to hard tech as we are seeking remedies from physical world.  Here soft tech plays its part in our emotions, sensation, and feeling.  Preventing from going frenzy this helps us in core level.
  • Soft Technology Occupational Therapy has larger resistance to standardization because it deals with human psychology, emotions and feelings which cannot be put into a standard chart.  But researchers splits soft tech as explicit and tacit technology.  Explicit tech provides procedures, principles by means books and other sources, where tacit tech has no means to provide any of those because of its intrinsic nature.
  • Not all the soft techs are non materials, just like hard tech in some sectors soft tech is used in some forms of materials.  Financial derivative tools, cultural products and some kinds of incubators are some examples of soft tech.


Applications of Soft Technology

Since Soft Technology Occupational Therapy mainly deals with human activities and intrinsic nature of humanity and society it’s applications are mostly the development we witnessed as the betterment of humanity.

  • Education
  • Business administration
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Organizing
  • Statistics
  • Software development
  • Logistics
  • Work psychology
  • Social psychology

As you can see the applications are relatable with human emotions and thoughts.  If you take marketing the objective of it is to reach the potential customers by marketing their products in a manner which attracts. Makes curious and also trigger their needs to buy the product.


Examples of Soft Technology

Here are some of the examples of Soft Technology Occupational Therapy:

  • When it comes to digital marketing it deals with human psychology and human emotions.  We need customers to make swift decisions when they see the ads and it has to make them think that they should buy.
  • When it comes to teamwork the leader or CEO of the company should not be too pushy or it backfires at him.  He/she must understand the minds of their workers and ease them with any means like giving bonuses or giving. Some space to decide when to have their vacations.
  • In software sectors by developing tools to solve fundamental or complex problems.  We are witnessing in our day to day life how software commodities have changed our lives much easier and also saves lot of our time in trivial jobs.
  • In educational sector by providing valuable and eminent knowledge in correct period is done by having good understand in soft tech
  • The whole department of human resources in each and every institutions or industries deals with human psychology and human activities.  They study their work environment and gather data on workers mindset periodically.  This helps the institution by changing or adding some features in their policies to compensate the work pressure.
  • The economy of the projects can be structured by the knowledge provided by Soft Technology Occupational Therapy.
  • Managing accounts in all business sectors is also an example of soft tech.


Difference between Hard Tech and Soft Tech

Hard tech has its operational body with physical form, where soft tech has its operational body without physical form.

Hard tech provides knowledge whatever presents outside of human body where soft tech teaches us about human emotions, sensations. Feelings and thoughts.

The hard technology provides skills and tools for accommodation. Where soft technology provides us knowledge on better understanding of human psychology.

The Soft Technology Occupational Therapy commodities which are sold based on software technology has widespread. Popularity than hard tech and one of the major reasons of it is the price range.

Examples of hard tech: cars, railways, cellphones, guns etc..,

Examples of soft tech:  digital marketing, food preservation, human resource etc..,


Conclusion of Soft Technology Occupational Therapy

The trends in technological development has gone major breakthrough in recent years and Soft Technology Occupational Therapy has taken large part of it.  The further we see progress in soft tech innovations, the further we can reach in evolution as a better society.

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