robot world wisconsin dells

Robot World Wisconsin Dells

Robot World Wisconsin Dells


What is Robot World Wisconsin Dells?

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is a Robot World Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin attraction with over 150 interactive scientific displays. It is the younger sibling of the long-running Tommy Bartlett’s Thrill Show. It was originally known as Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World & Exploratory when it first opened in 1982, but many of the robot exhibits have since been removed in Robot World Wisconsin Dells.

Bartlett bid for and bought one of Russia’s surplus Mir Space Station core modules in 1996. This space station may be seen at the Exploratory.


From Wisconsin Dells Attractions to Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory, one of the most thrilling favorite Wisconsin Dells Attractions revived in 2018, is the place to go for hands-on family fun all day, every day. It is likely to baffle your mind with over 175 interactive games. Whether you’ve been before or this is your first time, you won’t want to miss our new facility and renovated displays! This Robot World Wisconsin Dells indoor park, formerly known as Robot World, is also the only site on Earth where you can see, feel, and touch an actual Russian Space Station MIR core module.

On our Giant Lever, put your strength to the test by lifting a 5000-pound automobile off the ground! Anything Tommy Bartlett is a must-do among the many excellent things to do in Wisconsin Dells. Enter the Exploratory and get engrossed in the mysteries of science, technology, space, and entertainment!

Plan to spend one and a half to two hours enjoying everything the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory has to offer! We’re still at the same address, only a few feet to the north of our old location.

robot world wisconsin dells

What will you find in Robot World Wisconsin Dells?

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind imaginative playground! Over 175 interactive exercises will have you guessing, thinking, and exploring the worlds of science, space, and technology.

There’s something for everyone in your family to explore. The Original Russian Space Station MIR, as well as thrilling virtual reality activities, such as our wildly popular Virtual Sports Center. Explore an exact reproduction of the Mercury Space Capsule and put the laws of physics to the test with the Giant Lever, which allows you to raise a 5,000-pound full-sized vehicle off the ground! There are also electronic interactive games and mind-bending puzzles. Robot World Wisconsin Dells And don’t forget to put your nerves to the test with a trip on our High Wire SkyCycle! You’ll be riding on the world’s thinnest bike path, a one-inch wire suspended 12 feet in the air!

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll be immersed in space, science, technology, and pleasure once you enter the Exploratory!


The early 1950s of the Robot World Wisconsin Dells

The Tommy Bartlett Show began as a traveling water-ski demonstration in 1952. In 1953, it made a permanent home on the beaches of Lake Delton.  Before dedicating himself to creating and promoting the thrill show, Bartlett worked as a radio presenter. Bartlett went on to become one of Wisconsin tourism’s most renowned advocates, working into his 80s.

The Bartlett performances lay the framework for today’s Robot World Wisconsin DellsRobot World Wisconsin Dells, which bills itself as the world’s waterpark capital. With its placement on Highway 12 in the heart of the state, the attraction transformed tourism in the Dells. There would be no Noah’s Ark or Kalahari Resort without the Tommy Bartlett Show, which drew people for many years. According to the visitor’s bureau, the Wisconsin Dells currently generates roughly $1.2 billion in economic effect each year. Every year, millions of visitors visit the little community of a few thousand people and its strip of waterparks, hotels, and other attractions.

In 1975, Diehl and his wife, Margaret, became co-owners with Bartlett. When Bartlett died in 1998, at the age of 84, the Diehls assumed complete ownership. Diehl’s daughter intended to take over the family company once her father died.


The Tommy Bartlett Show in Wisconsin Dells is permanently closing

Water skiers, high-speed boats, and stage performers entertained thousands of tourists who watched the Tommy Bartlett Show from the beaches of Lake Delton every summer for over seven decades.

The Bartlett shows have been through a flood, a fire, and past economic downturns. The coronavirus epidemic, on the other hand, dealt a deadly blow to the historic industry that built the framework for today’s water parks and mega-hotels.

The Tommy Bartlett Show stated on Wednesday that it will not return in 2021, as previously planned. The company would close after 69 years. “We didn’t want to do this,” said Tom Diehl, president and co-owner of the Tommy Bartlett Show.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What happened to the Tommy Bartlett Show?

Ans. DELLS, WISCONSIN – After nearly seven decades, one of Wisconsin’s most popular tourist attractions has closed its doors. The Tommy Bartlett show stated on September 16 that it will be closing permanently after missing the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 epidemic.


  • Who is the owner of the Tommy Bartlett Show?

Ans. Tom Diehl is the owner of the Tommy Bartlett Show.


  • How long does Tommy Bartlett’s show last?

Ans. The Tommy Bartlett Show is a live, 90-minute show that combines fast-paced waterskiing, spectacular stage performances, astounding feats, family-friendly humor, stunning staging, and light and water effects. There will be a 15-minute pause between the water-ski and stage segments of the Show.


  • What caused Tommy Bartlett to close?

Ans. The Tommy Bartlett Show announced its closure due to a “catastrophic loss of business.” Because of prohibitions on big gatherings during the pandemic, the water-ski, sky, and stage show, which accounted for 90% of the company’s income, was canceled for 2020.


  • Will the Tommy Bartlett Show Open in 2021?

Ans. “It is with extraordinary lament that we report the Tommy Bartlett Show can not make a rebound in 2021 as we had expected,” said President and co-owner Tom Diehl in a statement posted Wednesday morning. Robot World Wisconsin Dells We are permanently closing the business after 69 years.

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