new plumbing tool inventions

New Plumbing Tool Inventions

New Plumbing Tool Inventions


New Plumbing Tool Inventions

As we spent a lot of time in renovating our home especially during the pandemic, the projects in our minds got bigger and bigger.  Either it is a overall restoration of their drainage system or just a quick check on their kitchen pipe leak the owners got busy during these days.  It brings us to know the latest tech in house remodeling which can save our money and time.  Here are some of the most popular New Plumbing Tool Inventions gaining attraction as of 2022.


Whole-home Filtration:

The need of pure water is the most essential concern of a family.  We tend to use water cans or other means to get good and pure water.  So often we choose a RO system to lift off our problems but still it only gives a small solution to a family if its quite big.  The solution is right here with Whole-home Filteration.  This whole-home filtration is one of the new forms of New Plumbing Tool Inventions and gives the most efficient results that is purifying even the tiny bit particles of carbon footprints.  This also helpful for home appliances considering the need of it’s ‘corrosion free state’ in the long run.


Wi-Fi Sump Pumps (with backup battery)

Sump pumps are used to accumulate in water collecting sump basin, commonly found in basements of house.  Its main purpose is solve the dampness where the water table is above the foundation of home.  Just imagine have a phone app connected via wi-fi which can notify, update and alarm you with the current conditions of sump pumps, cool right?  This New Plumbing Tool Inventions field gives plenty of options and takes out fulsome worries about your basement flooding during rainy season..


Bluetooth Shower Heads

The title is more than enough to explain how cool this feature is going to be.  The companies are giving out easy handling gadgets to customers so they can just sit back and enjoy the luxury.  This is one of the examples of those upgrades and the shower header comes with a Bluetooth speaker.  It is rechargeable.  People who love listen songs or music during their shower often install Bluetooth speakers around the bathroom but this new gadget take away the burden and gives live concert experience when you have your relaxing time after work shift in New Plumbing Tool Inventions.


Touchless Faucets

The upgrades in Faucets are ever changing and modernizing.  It shows how cool and stylish the owner is when someone enters his/her restroom.  So deciding faucets is always a time consuming process for the people.  As there are lots of new types of faucets in the market this new Touchless Faucets gained much attention during the past year.  Now you know the reason why it’s getting much attraction, “Sanitation”.  The whole world is following the safety measures for covid-19 and sanitizing our hands is on the second after just after the mask.  So it’s no wonder the Touchless Faucets which cleans our hands without touch is on the list in New Plumbing Tool Inventions.


Leak Detectors

The major problem of household wives is to put up with leaking basin when they are doing their dishes.  To contact a plumber or to take action in their hands is just too hectic to handle.  So this new tech gives a quick notification when one of your pipes started to leak   It will alert you and prevent from full house leakage.


 Flood sensors:

Like leakage detectors the flood sensors works with the same principle.  It detects whether there is a stagnant of water nearby or inside your house.  It alerts you and prevent from the disaster.


Smart Toilets

Wasting water in toilets every day by every member of a family leads to big cause in future if its scale is worldwide.  So smart toilets aNew Plumbing Tool Inventions provides you with multiple features which lets you prevent from wasting water, avoid stagnation, warming your foot, gives fresh deo and relaxing aroma.  It’s a win-win to environment and the people.


Smart Shower Panels

Like the above Bluetooth shower head the market for showers works with many cool ideas and comes out with an amazing product.  The smart shower panels works automatically with voice control system allows the customer to use the lever or knob to adjust the water.


Smart Water Heating System

The water heaters in our house are mostly manually operated and it gives lots of drawbacks to buyers.  The consumption of power and the water are the important drawback which everyone should aware of.  To prevent this from happening smart water heating system works perfectly allows buyers to monitor both power and water.  The temperature of the water is monitored by thermostat and avoid going haywire if the heater gets malfunctioned.


Greywater recycling systems

Preserving our surrounding becomes motto of the world after knowing how dangerously we dealing with our atmosphere.  Most of the people nowadays having separate pipes to reuse the dirty waters from wash basins to grow plants in their gardens. This is the result of global preservation and our government’s expanding awareness programs.  So what happens if I say there is a recycle method for recycling and reusing waste waters from dishes and clothes, amazing right? New Plumbing Tool Inventions  This greywater recycling system enables a new path to your household to reuse the water which we say ‘waste water’ and gives an additional supply every day.


Smart Irrigation systems

The farming sector is also modernizing in every country and this smart irrigation system gives a heads up to it.  Now they can digitally monitor their irrigation level and adjust it’s usage whenever and wherever they want within fingertips.  It comes with a mobile application featuring all of the uses mentioned above and importantly it prevents from wastage of excess water.


Recirculation Pumps

Waiting for hot water shower is tiring process.  But the wait is over with this New Plumbing Tool Inventions which is recirculation pumps.  You can get hot water within minutes with it.  The principle of the pump is simple, pumps hot water form hot water lines to the water heater it works in a separate line apart from cold water line.


 Conclusion of New Plumbing Tool Inventions

The above mentioned are one of the few new technologies of 2022 which makes our daily routine easy and saves our time.  It is always a refreshing feeling. Now about the convenience we get from expanding tech and grateful for it’s solutions.

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