New Innovations in Concrete Technology

New Innovations in Concrete Technology

New Innovations in Concrete Technology

8 Innovative Concrete Technology that will change the future


Throughout out evolution in culture our advancement in either architecture or building skyscrapers never stopped a bit.  Every decade we are constructing a megaproject which topples the existing mega building.  Engineering is the base foundation and refinery in materials used becomes its uprising.  Speaking of materials humans one of the most marvelous discoveries is concrete and even now at 21st century almost every building in the world is made of up concrete.  The rigidity it provides and protection against heavy winds or earthquake is noteworthy.  Here I am going to provide you a list of 8 New Innovations in Concrete Technology which will change the world.


3D Printed Concrete

Yes you heard it right.  Nowadays most of the commodities can be created by 3D printed technology so its not surprising that concrete can be created by it.  The working of 3D printed concrete is simple, that is 3D printers to deposit the concrete material over the other layer by layer to form the building structure.  The New Innovations in Concrete Technology material gets pushed through the nozzle of concrete 3D printers.  Can print walls, frames of buildings, bridges, benches, and other outdoor commodities.  It is very easy to handle and the work load for the workers can be minimized compared to the normal method.  It is the best choice for medium sized house because of the price and time saving.

New Innovations in Concrete Technology

Lightweight Concrete

The concept of lightweight concrete is the mix between the low specific gravity concrete.  If we compare this type of concrete to the normal concrete the major difference would be the presence of minute void and the air entrainment.  One of the major features of the lightweight concrete would be 20% – 80% which depends on the type of components we use the manufacturing process in New Innovations in Concrete Technology.  The perk of lightweight concrete is the extreme high thermal insulation and sound insulation because of air is acting as a insulating agent.  Like its name mentioned its structural strength is low but if we compare to masonry blocks its strength is higher.


Bending Concrete

You may think how concrete which main purpose supposed to be strengthen the structure can actually bend?  The answer came from University of Michigan who developed a concrete material from silica sand and polyvinyl alcohol fibers to normal concrete mixes.  The astonishing fact would its unbreakable physical bond which is 500 times harder to crack compare to normal concrete mixes.  The advantages are its light weight material which can easily installable and also replaceable.  The security sector is going to be the one gain lot of perks from bending New Innovations in Concrete Technology.


Self-healing Concrete

The self healing concrete is one of the most innovative concrete which can self heal its inner cracks.  The process of the repairmen in self healing concrete is divided into two types autogenous and autonomous healing.  The autogenous is a natural process which involves healing by carbonation or continuing hydration.  The autonomous healing method is external method which has healing substance that can be directly added like concrete matrix, embedded into micro capsule or can be introduced through vascular networks.  Some examples of the substances used in self healing concrete are superabsorbent polymers, crystalline admixtures, microencapsulated sodium silicate and bacteria.


Martian Concrete

Going to Mars is the future mission and vision to everyone especially speceX and Elon Musk.  So when researchers given a token to go to Mars and have their own way to create new tech which can be useful to both earth and mars then concrete in infrastructure sector has a major spot.  But the major concern creating concrete in Mars is water.  Without ready water its neigh impossible.  So they set their focus on Sulphur.  They New Innovations in Concrete Technology find a new method to create Martian concrete by heating sulphur at 240oC which then becomes liquid and then mix with Martian soil and let it cool.  After some time when the binding is over we get Martian concrete.  Simple as that.


Green Concrete

The climate change and global warming paved a way to have Eco-friendly products in every sector.  So what’s special about green concrete or Eco concrete?  The structures made from green concrete can reduce the environmental impact i.e energy saving, carbon emission reduction and waste water managing system.  The green concrete has many uses for eco friendly environment which can prevent corrosion and heat cracking.  The components which are used for green concrete are mainly inorganic polymer and between 20% and 100% industrial waste.  One of the main advantages of green concrete is its thermal resistance.  It can withstand fire upto whooping 2400oc.  The cost is also affordable and it has better performance.

New Innovations in Concrete Technology

Pervious Concrete

This type of concrete is has high porosity which can allow water to go through.  The reason it has high porosity is the presence of large number of interconnecting voids.  Air entraining admixtures are also used in it which can prevent the structure from freezing and thawing.  The advantages of pervious concrete are it can recharge the groundwater, the high porosity allows the rainwater to go through filteration process before going underground, cost efficient in construction, act as a better heat insulator, and reduce to growing number of sewers.


Translucent Concrete

Our last member in this list is quite weird when we think how house would be if its build by transparent concrete.  But don’t worry I will explain it to you.  The manufacturing process of Transparent concrete is simple, add 96% concrete and 4% optical fibres.  The composition of optical fibre which allows see through process is quite small so the mixture must set off quickly.  The application of Translucent Concrete mainly focus on exterior walls and frames.  Especially when it comes to floating type of structure for it’s see through aspect this type of concrete preferred.  But mostly it is used in various design field infrastructure where people prefer to show off their inner beauty of their homes or offices.


Conclusion of New Innovations in Concrete Technology

The New Innovations in Concrete Technology infrastructure industry is going to find many innovative and evolutionary ideas in the near future which solidifies our houses and offices from the impeding dangers and strengthen our security.

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