Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology

Natural Resources are not Required for Energy Producing Tech

Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology

Why We Need To Stop Caring About The Environment & How Much Does It Cost?

People use words like “green, “renewable” and other buzzwords, but it is true that not a single one of them ever talks about the important factor the environment. Just think of it like someone who has never heard the word “green” in any language, will never understand what it means, and would always get confused when it comes to finding out if you have been green or not! I mean, why not just declare it, right there on your front door without even looking for an excuse!

That way we can at least start having a conversation with each other about the things we really care about like planet earth and sustainable development without worrying so much about the consequences of our actions. As long as we have some sense of urgency, the amount of damage we do to our environment doesn’t matter as long as we keep doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

Dark Matter;

I am sure you remember reading books from science fiction novels like ‘Dark Matter’ by Carl Sagan. Do you remember the scene where he says the planets don’t collide with each other because their gravity field prevents them from colliding. Well that’s only because they have an invisible force that prevents them from crashing, no visible force. But this is similar when talking about the whole universe.

Things, objects, stars and galaxies exist because they can’t stop moving to their next phase. If we could stop moving to their next phase and let the universe decide whether those objects are going to collide or not, then they would probably not have even existed. This is Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology called chaos theory. And for most of us, it might sound absolutely silly. But if you were the first person to live on Venus or Mars, did any of us ever wonder what was happening with Mars and Venus? Maybe they didn’t know they existed because there weren’t any images to show us so we might’ve thought it was another planet, or maybe even thought of the possibility that it might crash into Earth.

Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology

They weren’t aware that they actually existed until after their existence was shown to us. We are seeing more information about space now than ever before, what might happen if we keep using our eyes. You might find a star that you thought would disappear soon, but it has the potential to become a black hole if we don’t understand what that means.

So how many people do you think still believe in chance?

Probably at least one in 10! So how many people think it will work in their favor if this happens. There are Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology far too many of us who believe that this could be used to make money, because we’re in an unstable economic system. That wouldn’t be able to survive without a stable economy.

This could literally change things at any time. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Nobody will know until they find out themselves. So in conclusion, you could argue that this problem needs a solution to stay within control. Yes we all need to learn and adapt to new times, but how could we not find out ourselves in order to make sure we are doing what we should?

Because the same principle apply here. Every day more or less we get smarter and we see more and more data to help us evolve. But in spite of the fact that we see a lot of facts and figures to learn and adapt to the world around us, which can easily mislead us, we also think there’s nothing really wrong with being stupid enough to think the same way. Well the point is that no one knows what’s wrong with the opposite.


What is the real purpose of thinking like that anyway?

Is it to avoid responsibility? Or maybe due to the lack of knowledge of other people around. Maybe because being smart helps prevent errors? Even being wise enough to understand other people’s problems isn’t going to protect you against future mistakes. I might get tired of my ignorance, but that doesn’t mean nobody is. People who try to avoid learning will definitely never do anything worthwhile, while people who think that they might learn something at least once will always feel guilty about it somehow. Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology On the other hand, people who know everything, even though they were clueless all along, know a lot more than everyone else, and can predict things with quite high probability, can make better decisions, are much happier.

Ask For Rich Man;

Some examples of such people include Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein himself. These three billionaires are extremely well known and very intelligent. But when it comes to knowing what a good decision is, it also comes with a bit of shame, because these people had the opportunity to make an amazing mistake back in their life and failed to realize the error at the end. I guess that’s just another example showing how easy it is for fools to be successful at what they do, and how hard it is for people to actually do valuable things.

Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology

But to answer the question I previously asked, yes I think it’s time to stop caring about what other people think about our choices. That eventually we run out of free time. I don’t know about you, but if anyone asks me if I can explain a certain concept, I usually give him/her time to figure it out, and later give up on trying to figure it out at all. In the case of making sure that the oil doesn’t mix with the gas produced by fracking. Natural Resources are not Required for all Energy Producing Technology I realize that it’s almost impossible to solve this problem. Let alone the thousands of other problems we have to deal with. Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t ever say that it’s completely useless and unnecessary to continue keeping the environment safe.


I think that sometimes it’s also dangerous being careless; just look at what happened to whales for example, where human-caused whale die so quickly, and you can see how foolish we humans can be. The main question remains, how do we reduce this damage (or even if) to make sure that we can still continue living our lives. I think that we should focus more on making our society fair, safer and greener; not trying to do everything we usually do. But what people don’t realize is that both can be a very problematic issue to deal with.  We don’t have enough time to solve this problem, and we probably don’t know how to deal with it either. Yes, the world might be cleaner, faster and greener nowadays, but we need to make sure we are doing it right and without forgetting about all that other stuff around the corner.

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