Is ChatGPT Available for download?

Is ChatGPT Available for download?


Is ChatGPT Available for download? In this Chat GPT tutorial for beginners, I’ll show you how to use Chat GPT. You’ll see what is Chat GPT and how to register for chatGPT. I’ll give you some chatbot examples and the basic beginner steps to use chat GPT. Created by open AI, this model is free to use and you can use chat GPT on iPhone Android or any computer. And if you don’t know what chat GPT is and you want to learn a little bit more about what it is, click the card above and I’ve got you covered. Okay,

let’s learn how to install and use chatGPT.

Okay, chat GPT isn’t something you actually need to install, you just need to access the web service from either a web browser or even your iPhone or Android device. But today we’ll demonstrate using a web browser. The first thing you need to do is go to open AI is the company that has produced GPT. You can see at the top here it’s advertising this as its latest release. you can either click try at the top here or scroll down and come down to chat GPT here’s the info page telling you a little bit more about chat GPT you can scroll down and then again click on try a chat GPT here.

Is ChatGPT Available for download?

Examples of how ChatGPT has been used in various applications

it will ask you to either login or sign up now if you’ve already signed up you just put in your login credentials but today as we’re showing you how to register for chat GPT come over and click on sign up next thing you want to do is either put in an email address or sign in with a Google account or Microsoft account but I’m going to create an account with an email address select

Can ChatGPT be downloaded?

I’m not a robot and then click continue it will then ask you to put in a password so I’ll put in a password Here make sure it’s got at least eight characters and then click continue it will then send you a verification email to the email address you just registered with so go ahead and open the Gmail and here is the email that openai have just sent me to verify my email address

so I’ll go ahead and click that now it’s asking for a little bit of information so I’ll put in my first and last name click continue and then I’ll verify it with my phone number and it will send a code to my mobile device

Explanation of why downloading ChatGPT may not be feasible

which I’ll go ahead and put in great that is now verified and here we are at the chat GPT interface so a quick tour every time you want to start a new chat you can just go ahead and press new chat you can flick to dark mode if you like there’s also a Discord here in case you want to get active with the community there’s also an updates and frequently Asked question

so you can go through and learn a little bit more about the software model here okay there’s a little bit of a summary here it’s given some examples of what we might like to put in as a prompt tells you

what some of the capabilities are of chat GPT;

then provide some limitations as to what you can expect out of it and what you cannot expect out of it now it says here that we don’t get events after 2021 now that is because chat GPT is uses its data set from time before 2021 so if you try asking it about current events it won’t know anything about it let’s try clicking this one as a demonstration

so we type that in and press enter or the return button and then at the top you can see this is me at the top with my prompt and then this is the chat GPT is thinking about it and now here we go for some ideas so this will take into account

How to use ChatGPT

what 10 year olds like and some ideas on what you can choose from along with description as to what each type of idea entails so I could ask it to either regenerate a response in which case it would go ahead and create five new ideas or maybe I can get it to tell me more about idea one so it’s given a little bit of a outline as to what the scavenger hunt is but now here is going to give you some specifics about

how you can go away and prepare for this idea for a 10 year old’s birthday so that’s a really cool way if you were to put those things into Google would probably take you a long time to scour the answers to find

Explanation of different ways to interact with ChatGPT

what you want and after that you’d have to go and Google again what the actual method is to go ahead and prepare that scavenger hunt let’s go ahead and start a new chat and now I’m going to say tell me a joke yeah not too bad tell me a joke about AI what about if I ask it to regenerate a response so rather than creating a new line what it does when you click regenerate is it rephrases or regenerates

what it had before so if I were to ask it to rephrase that joke in first person let’s see if that works okay so you can see how you can ask the AI the chat GPT to do things based on what you want and ask it to modify its content based on tastes

Examples of existing applications that use ChatGPT

so let’s start a new chat did you know there is another AI software that instantly generates original images from a short description that you prompted with this is an absolute Game Changer and means you can create any type of image you want and Unleash that software let’s get it to write an adventure story in Choose Your Own Adventure Style with three options based around the Game of Thrones then prompt me to choose an option send that off GPT goes ahead and creates a story arc for me and once it provides the options.


I can choose an option let’s go with this option and now it generates the conclusion to that section of story but now I want it to provide me with three options again so I’ll type this in and it will continue I’ll then go ahead and choose option three here and then it comes and gives me another conclusion to another story ,

Summary of key points

so that’s a pretty cool way of creating a short story let’s do another quick example of what you can ask chat GPT to do write a short essay on why the sky is blue chat GPT thinks about it and then goes ahead and creates some content you might even learn something as you read along with this I could then go ahead and ask it to make longer or rephrase to add humor but

Final thoughts on the availability of ChatGPT for download

why would you want to do that in an essay you could even say lengthen and rephrase from the point of view of Einstein so that didn’t really lengthen it but it did add a little bit of a point of view from Einstein’s theories of physics now that you know how to use chat GPT click here to learn more about what chat GPT actually is and what you can do with it people are already using it to even make money so click that link now and I’ll see you there.

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