Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA

Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA

Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA


Food and Water scarcity have become most challenging thing in this modern world,

It is literally difficult for the fast moving generation

To supply water to the farm lands manually by spending their precious

After doing several numbers of researches with

the technological development in the agriculture sector,

work time and physical work in Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA.

The Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA is one of such agricultural projects.

Apart from saving the time this  technology also saves the labor cost and physical work.

This control allows the exact volume of water at the respective time which the crops or plants needed.

The farmer need not have to be present in the field to monitor the process because


What is Irrigation?

Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA is a process of supplying water to the farm land in a controlled

manner to assist the growth of the plants, crops and trees.

In simple we can say it as a process of artificial watering of plants.

The purpose of irrigation is to meet the water needs of the growing plants and farm lands.

There are various kinds of irrigation systems the most common methods are as follows,

  • Surface Irrigation

Water is supplied over the surface of the land with or without mechanism.

In this method more volume of water is supplied. Eg: Paddy Field.

  • Sprinkler Irrigation

Water is supplied through overhead sprinklers or guns along with high pressure flow.

It is also a kind of artificial rainfall. Eg: Cotton Plants.


What is Remote Control Irrigation?

Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA is a control system that controls the irrigation through sending the electronic waves or signals.

It is a switch based automated and manual control system

The control unit compiles the remote commands

Along with sensor signals to execute the work through the executers.

In this the controller is connected with the remote in one end and irrigators in other end.

A remote is the input device through which the control commands have be given.

This can be a mobile phone application or normal remote tool.

The Control Unit is a monitoring system which regulates all the other devices present in this technology.

This unit is responsible for sending and receiving all the input and output signals.

In Control unit all required datas are pre-programmed by the software specialist.

The datas are all about the amount of water to be supplied and time durations.

Sensor is the input device which is used to know the status of the executers and humidity in the farm land.

In this case Executers are nothing but switch of the motors.

By which the irrigation motors can be turn ON or OFF. It is done according to command.

Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA

Working Process:

shared to the control unit can be visible to the user through the remote screen.

If the user wants to irrigate the farm, this system allows the user perform

It by simple one click by pressing the suitable option from the given remote or software application.

The options can varied based on the technical terminologies.

The user can view the status of irrigation process and turn it of any time.

Also In this advanced technology

It is not necessary for the user to monitor the process everytime

since it has the automatic monitoring function.

To be below the required level,

The control unit sends the signal to the executer to turn ON the irrigators.

The water flows for the predetermined duration and volume as per the water management guidelines.

Then control unit sends the OFF command to stop the irrigation.

The user can turn ON or OFF this process any time.

The most commonly used controllers are Rasspery Pi, Aurdino, PLC and other IOT controllers.

The better the user interface with it.



  • The technique needs power backup on the power shut down days.
  • The farmers need to have more training and awareness regarding the technology and remote usage.
  • The initial investment of automatic system is high.


Conclusion of Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA

Farmers from all over the world are facing some losses or less profits

Because of  the more investment of  physical work and labor charges,

Also the world is facing crucial water shortage due to the lack of water management techniques.

In order to minimize the water supply, labor charges and physical works the researchers concluded a technology

as a solution which is Irrigation Remote Control Technology in USA which allows the farmer to water their farm without being physically present there also

it performs very good water management process

by reducing the wastage of water also by allowing only the required volume of water for the respective farm.

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