inventions that we need in the future

Inventions that we Need in the Future

5 Inventions that we Need in the Future

Technology advances at an astonishing rate, and each year we see innovations that can make our lives easier and better. However, some inventions are still lacking in our day-to-day lives and aren’t even on the market yet. If these inventions could be created, they would make many aspects of our daily lives much easier, saving us lots of time and hassle along the way. Here are five Inventions that we Need in the Future.


1) Artificial Gills

Imagine being able to breathe underwater. Sure, we have oxygen tanks now, but those are bulky and inconvenient. Artificial gills could solve that problem by essentially allowing us to extract oxygen from water as we breathe it in and out. And while not very powerful right now, they’re only going to get better with time. Someday soon, diving won’t be dangerous it will be relaxing! This is one of those Inventions that we Need in the Future that would change everything about our world.

Think about how much money and lives would be saved if everyone had access to clean drinking water… think about How easy travel would become… Think about how many jobs would open up for people who want to spend their days exploring shipwrecks or cave systems… This is an invention we need in the future.


2) Jet Boots

For centuries, humans have dreamed of flight. Some people buy a plane ticket and jump into an airplane; others strap on jet boots. What are jet boots? They’re shoes that double as jets! The technology is already there to make it happen scientists at NASA recently created a prototype rocket belt that can fly up to 50 feet (15 meters) into the air for 30 seconds or more in Inventions that we Need in the Future.

The catch: These machines aren’t yet small enough to be worn on your body [they weigh over 100 pounds/45 kilograms], so they won’t replace planes anytime soon although future iterations could easily become smaller and lighter, But if you’ve ever wanted to fly like Iron Man, these might be your best bet.


3) Star Trek Replicator

This one’s a no-brainer. If we could easily whip up whatever food or beverage we wanted on demand, everything about daily life would change for the better. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a replicator? With 3D printers making rapid progress too, perhaps one day humans will truly have their cake and eat it too. I know I wouldn’t mind having cake at every meal… just not all at once. So if you ever see me going into an office building carrying several large bags of sweets, please don’t call PETA! Oh, wait… that’s probably never going to happen in Inventions that we Need in the Future.

It turns out your replicator doesn’t even work with meat products (you try printing bacon! ). Nor is it safe to use around water (try not getting splashed while walking down a wet street holding your drink! ). It also can only make tiny items like coins and chess pieces. How useful is that?! Finally, if anyone reading this has been keeping track of what goes wrong when Star Trek characters try to replicate food they already know there are issues. For example The transporter messes with its molecular pattern.


4) A Time Machine

A time machine would be pretty useful. Imagine how much easier our lives would be if we could travel to any point in history and spend a few days there, learning and exploring all at once. For example, imagine being able to visit Isaac Newton and discuss gravity or going back and seeing dinosaurs with your own eyes (and snapping a selfie for posterity).

While it’s certainly not necessary for everyone to have one of these bad boys, you’d almost have to be crazy not to want one (or at least one of its more practical upgrades like remote-controlled time-traveling robots) in Inventions that we Need in the Future. So, get on that R&D team ASAP! I don’t know about you but I’ve got places to go. And people to see. And photos to take…of myself surrounded by historical figures (maybe ask someone else for permission first?). The possibilities are endless!


5) Anti-Ageing Pills

Anti-aging pills are a real thing. Your diet plays a big role in keeping your body from aging too quickly. Specifically, it’s important to eat foods that contain plenty of antioxidants to protect your cells from free radicals. There’s also been extensive research into an ingredient called metformin that has been found to extend healthy lifespans by an average of 25%.

Unfortunately, it isn’t available as a pill yet, but researchers are optimistic that one day soon we will be able to prevent many illnesses and diseases just by eating better and living healthier lives. For more information on how you can boost your longevity check out my guide How To Live To 100 Without Using Surgery Or Drugs: A Step-By-Step Guide in Inventions that we Need in the Future.


Conclusion of Inventions that we Need in the Future

Technology is a wonderful thing, but there are times when it can be used for harm. To help counteract that, there are some Inventions that we Need in the Future. Whether it’s drones or technology that prevents hacking and spying, these five Inventions that we Need in the Future remain bright and safe. What other technologies do you think we should have on hand? Share your thoughts with us below! As always, thanks for reading, and good luck! Hi readers, How about, How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide? I’m very happy to share my first post on Steemit. Hope You’ll like it. If you like my post Please Resteem, Upvote ,Comment & Follow me. Thank You !

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