How to Clean Electronic Air Filter

How to Clean Electronic Air Filter?


How to Clean Electronic Air Filter

An electronic air filter is a device that can improvise your home atmosphere by filtering air when it gets installed in your heating and cooling systems ductwork.  In your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system or HVAC system filtering the exhaust air or filtering the inlet air before entering into any of those systems is eminent. How to Clean Electronic Air Filter it can be done without any hassle but it is very essential to have proper cleaning in certain interval or it leads you to replace the air filter.  Today let’s see how to clean your electronic air filter step by step.


What is electronic air filter and how does it work?

How to Clean Electronic Air Filter is a type of ionizer which is an electrically charger filter.  Indoor houses are often contaminated by airborne pollutants which can’t be seen through naked eye.  These air filters are installed inside your heating and cooling system of your house.  With its prefilter it traps airborne particles such as dust and dander within it.  On the next phase it filter micro particles such as bacteria and mold thus the air that comes out become less pollutant.


What type you have?

There are three types of electronic air filters are there and before you get your hands on it its good to know the types and decide which can be perfect for your household.

  1. Furnace system

Like we have exhaust furnace in kitchen air filters can get installed as a part of furnace system.  It is one of the best effective ways because it has a direct pathway and without any interference air filter can filter it perfectly.

  1. Duct system

When it comes to duct system it is usually get attached to the air conditioning system of a household or a building.  It is proven that it can filter the air from pollutants before the air enters inside the room or certain area.  So it is very useful for big buildings or workspace where large number of people work.

  1. Individual units

This is a commonly used household system in air filtering.  No need of external power or backups and it effectively work in a small area such as houses.


Is it good?  

When it comes to guarding our houses from outdoor threats we put more work effectively. How to Clean Electronic Air Filter That’s why nowadays houses are becoming insects free, mosquito free and so on.  But when it comes to preventing dust particles and micro organisms a question arise in our minds, is it good? or is it effective? Or do we actually need it?

The answer is YES! People who have allergic symptoms caused by airborne pollutants, asthma and other respiratory illness it is appreciated to install it.  It will help to remove unwanted air particles, and harmful micro particles.  If you are in the mindset to get one then its recommended to get one which has a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of 10 or higher.  This rating indicates how effective the filter would be.

If you are using a standard filters instead of electro static air filters in your house it is recommended to change it quickly.  The reason is in your standard filters it is designed to protect your furnace blower and it only purify or filter air from your furnace’s motor.  So if you want to buy a filter which can protect your family and kids from germs and dusts then electronic air filter is the only solution.


Effective work done in seconds!

How to Clean Electronic Air Filter the atmospheric air in seconds and prevent dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, chemical emissions which get leaked from cleaning fluids, air pollutants get released from home improvement projects, and more.  There is a proven fact that electronic air filter can get the work done nine out of ten times compare to air conditioner.  Also it can filter the carbon monoxide so it is very effective than any other filtering commodities in the market.


How to maintain the air filter?  

Maintaining the air filter is very important and it should be done without any delay or the more air pollutants in the filters get clogged and leads to failure or it simply stop working.

First you need to take care of the collector plates which collect the particles.  The yearly or semi yearly inspection will be there by the professionals but before they come to you house you should be prepared by cleaning the collector plates prior.To have it in peak effectiveness every time you should need to look up to it regularly.


To clean the air filter

To clean the air filter and if its your first time doing it then the below methods is for you! How to Clean Electronic Air Filter ?

  • Place the air filter collector plates in a plastic tub with half filled water. Take a scrubber which should be a hard one and the sponge can be used at the end to give neat touch.  Use dish washing power and choose the amount regarding the size of the plate.  Place it inside the water and after some time scrub it cleanly.  After you see results use sponge to give a soft clean.  Dry them till it lost its wetness.
  • The alternative of above method is using the dishwasher which is popular in many households.  Place the collector plates in your dishwasher and clean it like how you do your dishes.  After you done dry them for atleast 20 minutes and place it in your filter.



Since air pollution is breaking the security barriers of every household and invading with many respiratory problems, air filters are spreading everywhere to reduce the effects of air pollutants. How to Clean Electronic Air Filter Especially electronic air filters are the ones which is getting the job done is a swift manner and safe guarding the household.

But always remember to clean them periodically.  It can be easily get clogged by the dusts and other particles if its untouched for months.  By the above mentioned methods clean it regularly!  Happy cleaning!

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