How to Clean a Litter Robot

How to Clean a Litter Robot

How to Clean a Litter Robot

If you have a Litter Robot, it is going to get dusty over time. Whether that’s from the debris that gets kicked up from your floor or when people are walking past and find litter left behind, dust can be difficult to remove. Luckily for you, there are ways to clean any dirt and grime off of your robot with this guide on how to do so How to Clean a Litter Robot. Plus, I even learned some tricks of my own that were worth exploring! Let me show you!

Let’s start out by doing something we all should do. Don’t walk around or step on any of the dirt that has accumulated around your robot, no matter how many times you go. It will take away the good-nerved feel of its surface and can make it more prone to bacteria buildup in How to Clean a Litter Robot. Also, avoid touching, stepping, or dropping anything that you can find in its path, and also keep an eye out for sharp objects, as they could harm your machine.


First things first

Empty some of the trashcan underneath the garbage disposal. Since you are not going to want the contents to come back up again and again, make sure everything is clear before you start removing. How to Clean a Litter Robot Next, you want to cover every nook and cranny of the base of the device to hold them in place until you are able to access it and remove the trash.

After removing the trash, grab the cardboard tape and fold it into three separate pieces if you have one to make sure that you are not taking pieces out of the case. Then you need to cut the cardboard tape in half because it helps keep the dirt from getting stuck to your robot. Once you are careful about where you cut the tape, apply it to your robot and let it air dry for 20 minutes.

How to Clean a Litter Robot

Keep in mind that air drying helps prevent moisture from sticking to your robotic and makes a mess in your hands to clean up, but don’t worry if you’re not using an app to change the way to clean your robots, just take care to always wear gloves. Lastly in How to Clean a Litter Robot, if your robot ever gets dirty or has small particles that you don’t see, the only thing you need to focus on is making sure that the plastic base of the device is safe from dirt and grime.

Now that that part is done, let’s move onto what you need to know about cleaning your Litter Robot. First, it is important to keep track of how much time you have left for cleaning. For most robots, you’re best to try and complete all tasks within five hours, maybe try a shorter window if you need to give. Yourself more time to finish but you’re still not satisfied.


However, this depends on how long you spend cleaning and how often. In general, robots need to be kept pretty far and far out of reach. So if you are in the robotics community, you can usually expect to spend two, three, or four days cleaning your device and sometimes more, depending on how big your robot is.

Next, after you’ve given all the materials needed to complete the task, you want to check to make sure that it is free of debris. Most robots have cameras that can identify and tell you about the parts of your robot that needs to be cleaned. Make sure to have a spare mirror and a spare battery for quick power back up.

Finally, make sure that your device does not have water damage. As cleaning a piece of hardware needs to be performed under controlled conditions. Especially since it might start smelling very soon. One of my favorites was actually a commercial product, Dyson V10 Trash Disposal Cleaner, which comes with a spray bottle of bleach and white vinegar, two bottles of paper towels, a roll of duct tape, and a spoolie for throwing out trash. I will highly recommend this brand.


Step 1:

Spray down the disinfectant on your device to start cleaning. This cleanses dirt off your device, making it ready for use once again.


Step 2:

How to Clean a Litter Robot Now that the disinfectant is all gone, start emptying the tray underneath. That way you have a clear space for your robot to spread. I like to empty it completely then close the lid and put it inside the container. When you are finished using your robot, remember to press the wash button and the rest of the buttons on both sides to complete the process. You will see the results within 10 minutes in your display and if you are happy with the outcome. The robot will begin to spin around 180 degrees.


Step 3:

Once your robot has been completed, empty the tray again. Fill it with the paper towels, spray the toilet and rinse the robot. Now that everything is ready for cleaning, now comes the fun part…letting your robot be dirty! Now that I am sure everyone is tired of cleaning their devices. Let me introduce you to something called “dirty” robot. How to Clean a Litter Robot Yes, you guessed it right…dirty robot.

Remember cleaning an item to clean is extremely tedious and time consuming process. But at least, when your device is clean, it does look nice and doesn’t seem too bad. Here are a couple tips that can help.

First of all, your cleaner is made of stainless steel so it should probably be rust-resistant. So you should keep an eye out for it. Just keep your hand on a hard surface and grip it firmly. Secondly, whenever you open the bottom of your cleaner, your robot will almost certainly make contact with the floor. How to Clean a Litter Robot Therefore, ensure that it avoids such contact as much as possible.

Thirdly, you might find that even though your robot may be looking amazing, it is definitely dirtier than usual. That’s okay.


Step 4:

Now let’s talk about how you can sanitize your device. While it is necessary to wear protective gear for cleaning robots. You cannot just slap a towel onto your device for cleaning purposes. Instead, you need a pair of damp cloths to clean up the surfaces that have become contaminated with dirt. Of course, these cloths can be found in stores, so don’t worry you have to spend money to buy them.

There is another alternative to cleaning your robot and it should be easy to find in most online shops. Simply, cut out the top of the cleaning pads and wrap your pad in a soft fabric and press down gently, making sure you don’t scrub your pad. How to Clean a Litter Robot With an anti-stick agent applied to the cloths. It becomes hard and sticky to come out of the pad once removed and eventually. The pad will stay intact, allowing you to easily clean any hard spots on your toilet and robot.


Step 5:

As I mentioned earlier, we are about to watch as our robot cleans itself. Maybe that’s just part of the job description? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, unless you don’t really need to go through that extra period of cleaning to get yourself ready in the morning. How to Clean a Litter Robot You can save the hassle of cleaning yourself later, right? Let’s hope not, otherwise, we all need to do it ourselves.

At the end of the day, this is gonna be worth the wait. Do your best to enjoy these moments and make sure each and every one goes as smoothly as possible. Thanks for reading my guide on how to clean a Litter Robot and have a great day! Stay tuned for lots of more fun content in my new series as well!

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