How Many Data Centers Does Microsoft Actually Have?

How Many Data Centers Does Microsoft Actually Have?

How Many Data Centers Does Microsoft Actually Have?

How Many Data Centers Does Microsoft Actually Have?

How Many Data Centers Does Microsoft Actually Have? Though we often take it for granted, the internet today couldn’t be what it is without Microsoft’s Cloud technologies such as Azure and Office 365. But how many data centers does Microsoft actually have? And what does the company use these data centers to power? What’s the difference between public cloud and private cloud? And why is Microsoft trying so hard to make Windows 10 the most secure operating system ever made? Check out this infographic from our friends at WebSumo that offers answers to all these questions (and more) below!

The answer may surprise you

There are a lot of misconceptions about the size and scope of Microsoft’s data center business. One misconception is that the company doesn’t have any data centers. In fact, it has seven around the world—three in the United States and four outside of it. These facilities power all of Microsoft’s major cloud-computing services like Office 365, Azure and Skype. The three U.S.-based data centers are in San Antonio, Texas; Quincy, Washington; and Dublin, Ohio. The four outside the country are in Ireland (Dublin), Singapore (Singapore), Brazil (Itu) and Australia (Sydney). This means that there are actually more data centers abroad than in America!

How many data centers are there in the world?

There are no agreed upon figures for how many data centers there are in the world, but it is safe to say there are a lot of them. Estimates put the number at about 100,000 data centers around the world, but that number is likely higher. Some estimates put the number at 250,000 and counting. One thing is clear though: there are more than any one person can count. But just how many does Microsoft have? The company says they operate 55 datacenters across 19 different regions around the globe. These are some of their locations:
In Africa – Ghana, Egypt, Kenya
In Asia-Pacific – Singapore, Hong Kong
In Central & Eastern Europe – Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic)
In Central & Western Europe – Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
In North America – Chicago (USA), New York City (USA)

What is a microsoft data center?

Microsoft data centers are the backbone of their cloud computing platform. The company has more than one hundred data centers across the world, and according to a statement from Microsoft, they are constantly in the process of scaling their infrastructure. This includes adding new facilities and removing old ones.
Although the company does not release exact numbers on how many data centers they have, it is estimated that they have somewhere between one hundred and two hundred data centers worldwide.

The benefits of having multiple data centers

In order to understand the question of how many data centers does Microsoft have, you first need to understand what a data center is. A data center is a building, or set of buildings, that houses computer hardware and software systems such as servers and storage devices, used by large companies and organizations to store and process information. The benefits of having a datacenter are numerous for corporations who use them on a regular basis. For example, a company might want to use their own datacenter instead of renting one out so they can control their costs better. This can be advantageous because it gives them full control over the maintenance cost of their systems if they are built in-house rather than paid for third party contractors who may or may not know how best to keep things running smoothly.

The cost of running a data center

Microsoft has a data center in Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong. The company is planning to open more data centers in the coming months.
There are many ways that companies can save money on their electricity bill while they are running their data centers. For example, they can use solar panels or electric cars to generate power and heat water rather than using natural gas or oil-powered generators and electric boilers respectively.


When you think of data centers, the first company that probably comes to mind is Google. Google’s data centers are a closely guarded secret, with only one of their many centers known to the public. While this is understandable when you consider how much business they do on the internet and how competitive they are, it doesn’t help those who want to get in on the industry but don’t know where to start. Luckily, there are plenty of other companies out there with information readily available about their data centers and what they offer potential clients.
Microsoft has a whopping 117 data centers around the world with some that have never been seen by human eyes. They boast about their cloud computing services and take pride in being environmentally conscious as well as energy-friendly.

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