How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years

How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years

How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years

7 Simple Technological Solutions which will change the world:


How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years. As we develop our race in science and tech more and more every day some mammoth tasks which we struggled upon in the past is turning into doable by the ideas of some great minds.

The new techs of 2022 provide us with simple solutions and make our worries fade away.  These solutions are reaching coming in big scale and its upto us to make good use of it based on the craze we crave over it.  Here are our 7 simple tech solutions of 2022 which will topple the view of geeks and common minds.


Drone deliveries

It’s a long sought after topic for a while now and after plenty of tries and millions of feedback during its testing from famous companies like Amazon and Google the door for drones is going to open very soon. How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years It’s a promised agenda by Jeff Bezos back in 2013 so it’s no wonder the fruition period didn’t get much delayed.  Delivery through bike or van getting delayed by hectic traffic made people to give a try to this prestigious delivery system.  One of the noteworthy mention is the famous mailing giant Royal Mail had already done a check for drone delivery and brought good ratings from it’s customers.

how has technology changed in the past 10 years

Virtual Reality

The market of Virtual Reality is going to outdone some entertainment platforms and going to rise exponentially in the next 5 years.  The investors have given much attention to VR which can be clearly seen in their $18.8 billion dollar investment in 2020 comparing to $10 billion dollar investments of previous five years.  The striking feature of VR is going to be in gaming platform where everyone will go crazy to get one so that they can dwell in their own world.  Facebook is one of the main contenders in the race for VR when it shook the world by Oculus Quest, along with Google and Apple and many more are showing huge interest in capturing the VR market in the upcoming years How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years.

how has technology changed in the past 10 years

Sodium Ion Batteries

As the whole world is working hard to give carbon free environment by changing from petrol or diesel cars to electric cars the insufficient of Lithium Ion batteries become a headache for the big companies.  When electric vehicles introduced first it came with Lithium Ion batteries but then most of them not predicted the rise it would gain in future.  After a huge breakthrough given by Tesla other automobile companies started to manufacture their own electric cars and that led to the problem of less lithium ion battery.  That’s when Sodium Ion batteries came and played an essential role for the replacement.   The sodium ion batteries relies on sodium which we can get in abundance turns the table.  Some automobiles companies started to sell their vehicles with sodium ion batteries instead of lithium ions.

how has technology changed in the past 10 years

Machine learning

Software is taking over hardware with it’s expanding aura without stopping.  Either the research in engineering or research in medicine, people need accurate prediction to improve and enhance our race more and more. How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years The machine learning is going to improve that aspect even more than before with its machine learning algorithms.  Some of its praiseworthy creations which gives simple technological solutions in day to day life are voice search in internet, stock trading, computer vision, customer service sector, and health care sector.  The future for machine learning is bright with it’s cyber security innovations, enriching the automotive fields, maintaining and controlling the robots and finally the future vision of everyone quantum computer.  The threshold of future is also depends upon machine learning so it’s not surprising to be in this list.

how has technology changed in the past 10 years


When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared the world that he would change his company name to Meta everyone got a glimpse what was going behind it’s update.  Everyone had their own theory about Meta and even now some people think that one day we will live in a virtual world because of meta but let me say it’s not that far stretched topic.  It will change our physical world reality and gives a new logic to living.

How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years We can connect our family buy VR or any new meta gadgets which gives very much lively experience.  The workplace in many tech industries will completely have a phase shift by meta and also in some other sectors as well.  But it also has its downsides.  When we have immerse ourselves in the cyber world we ought to be give our information unlike the ones we are giving now to social media platforms.  So the cyber security will be the major obstacle for meta but with its blooming investments we can be sure that one day it will become a save house.

how has technology changed in the past 10 years

Quantum Computing

Though I mentioned about quantum computing in VR still it needs an extra importance because of it’s role in future.  This quantum computing technology played a huge rule in covid pandemic and the vaccine which saved millions of people came from its monitoring, analyzing ability, accurate predictions and act on date regardless of sources.  It has outdone its predecessor and favoring humanity with its high speed integration.  Quantum computers are many times faster and it’s not something we can compare with our pc.  Large companies like Microsoft, Google, AWS are in ideal state to develop more innovative ideas of quantum computing into reality so they are investing several billion dollars to win the race.

how has technology changed in the past 10 years

Cyber security

When it comes to tech there is always a major loophole hanging around somewhere in the corner.  These loopholes are not easily recognizable but with a professional crew it can be found and they will gain some control of it.  So cyber security has one of the spots either it’s company board meeting or government’s cabinet. How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years Now everyone is having transactions through their mobile applications so a minute error can bring a uproar among people.  In the future cyber security will develop even more and strengthen it’s holds so hackers don’t steal anyone’s data.

how has technology changed in the past 10 years

Conclusion of How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years

How has Technology Changed in the Past 10 Years Thus simple technological solutions paving way to many fields which were a steel wall some years before.  These solutions come from many years of experimenting and researching by hundreds and thousands of people so that we can have our task done in a simple manner.

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