Example of Innovation in the Workplace

Example of Innovation in the Workplace

Top 7 Example of Innovation in the Workplace

Your business might seem like it’s operating just fine as it is, but sometimes you need to shake things up to move forward and grow. It may mean creating new products or services, hiring new people, or even thinking outside the box with your marketing strategy. To help inspire you to keep innovating and growing your business, here are seven Example of Innovation in the Workplace from businesses across the globe.


1) Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty is an excellent Example of Innovation in the Workplace. Invented by a husband and wife duo, The Squatty Potty helps people have a more complete elimination. By sitting on a raised toilet seat, Squatty Potty users can adjust their position while they use their bathroom. The point is to better align your body with your intestines so you can eliminate more efficiently and avoid hemorrhoids and other common anal issues that often result from constipation. It’s also a great space-saving solution for homes with smaller bathrooms because it doesn’t take up any extra floor space as traditional toilet risers do. Squatting makes elimination easier which saves users time and money, too! And if you’re worried about hygiene, don’t be.

The Squatty Potty has a patented foot pedal that activates an internal drain system so no germs or bacteria will ever touch anything but air and water. You’ll love how easy it is to clean after each use, too! Plus, it’s made of eco-friendly materials like hardwood solids and naturally antibacterial silicone so there are no harmful chemicals used in its construction or maintenance. Example of Innovation in the Workplace If you’re ready to experience some relief from constipation, or hemorrhoids or just want a little more convenience when using your bathroom, then look into getting yourself a copy of The Squatty Potty today!


2) Steelcase

Though most of us go to work with no intention of making history, some pioneers have had a lasting impact on our place of employment. Think about how much has changed in your workplace since you began working. How different is it now than when you started? Do you feel like you’re using all your skills and strengths every day? Are there people around who are more than just coworkers, but mentors and friends? If so, be thankful; they’re making that difference possible. Even if these are questions we don’t often think about, it’s important to remember that we’ve got great resources at our fingertips to help make us better workers – both today and tomorrow. Check out 7 Example of Innovation in the Workplace happening right now in offices across America.


3) Ocado

In an industry where technology has been a key driver for decades, Ocado is one company that stands out as a leader. Ocado handles logistics and deliveries differently than its competitors, employing robotics to assist with these tasks. Instead of having items delivered from local warehouses to customers’ homes via a fleet of delivery trucks, Ocado sends pickers (human workers) into enormous warehouses to collect orders for customers on their behalf. The pickers use robots and conveyor belts to retrieve customer orders. This process helps keep costs down for Ocado because it doesn’t need fleets of delivery trucks which typically cost a lot more than warehouse equipment and saves time for consumers who would otherwise be waiting for their orders.


4) Google Ventures

Google Ventures, or GV, has been making waves lately. The investment arm was founded by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with President of Products at Google Eric Schmidt, in 2009. In less than a decade, GV has invested over $2 billion into over 200 companies and acquired more than 50 companies the majority of which are from outside Silicon Valley. The venture firm offers three things that make it stand out from other firms: a big pool of cash for startups to tap into (GV had about $4 billion under management as of August 2015), an emphasis on quantifying its investments through massive data sets (the company employs statisticians and engineers) and a genuine commitment to growing businesses outside Silicon Valley.


5) FedEx

When it comes to making sure that packages make it where they need to go, there are two key factors. First, you want to make sure you’re tracking all shipments at every stage from point A to point B. And second, you want an insurance plan that’s going to cover any losses along the way. Such is why FedEx has a driver texting system employees can update their boss on delivery status without stopping what they’re doing. This additional step in communication keeps everything moving along as smoothly as possible; if anything goes wrong during transport, it also allows for quicker recovery.


6) The Fender Bender

Fender benders, those minor car accidents that cause only $1,000 in damage, are just that: Minor. One party is generally at fault for about 75 percent of fender benders, which means if you have a policy of accepting blame, no matter how insignificant your role in causing it was or how reasonable you can make your case to be not at fault legally, you’ll save a bundle over time. Don’t go crazy with it you don’t want to admit fault when you truly aren’t but if you play nice and take responsibility for what happened (even if it wasn’t your fault), insurance companies tend to raise their rates.


7) Threadless

Threadless is an online community that allows users to post and vote on designs for T-shirts. When one design reaches a predetermined number of votes, it becomes a new Threadless product. Customers can purchase these shirts for $15; Threadless makes its money by selling advertisements on its site. The site is a great Example of Innovation in the Workplace since it not only creates T-shirts but also provides both artists and customers with avenues for feedback and communication.


Conclusion of Example of Innovation in the Workplace

By definition, innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, market needs or customer wants. However, what may surprise you is how little many companies do to drive innovation. After all, one reason why companies don’t innovate is that they simply don’t know where to start. A good place to begin would be to look at examples of innovation in other places and consider how they might apply to your company. As such, here are seven Example of Innovation in the Workplace practices being used by large corporations today. [list out examples] If you can find examples of successful innovation happening elsewhere, it’s likely it can happen within your organization as well.

Example of Innovation in the Workplace

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