Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor

Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor

Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor


In the modern 21st century after evolving further by industrialization in the 1800s we humans finally showed some signs of developing tech and aiding programs for the environment.

While we are engrossed in our constant growth in the pharmaceutical, robotics, biotechs,

VR, AIs, and so on the resources used and the process for,

successful results have major drawbacks within, especially for the environment.

Thus having a certain platform such as Environmental Science and

Technology Letters Impact Factor paved way for everyone

when it was opened in 2013 as a sister journal for American Chemical Society.



Air Pollutant correlations  

The major agenda when we discuss on environmental science has to be air pollutants.

Throughout the modern era the humankind is struggling over and over to break through this barrier.

When the major cities of the world like New Delhi, Beijing,

Jakarta and many other highly popularized urban sectors are diminishing the usage of vehicles,

power plants and many other air pollutant causes

To have some good air to breathe the people of those urban cities are demanding

a good solution for this dilemma in Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor.

The toxic pollutants are raising and affecting the whole society.

In the resent years the non communicable diseases caused thousands of deaths which were total 72% and in that 16% deaths were caused by toxic pollutants.

The toxic pollutants are the cause of 22% of all cardiovascular disease,

25% of stroke deaths, 40% of lung cancer deaths and the 53% deaths from chronic pulmonary disease.

In the large scale index by World Health Organization indicates the air pollutions causes approximately

7million deaths every year and 91-99% of people,

live in a place where quality of air lies below the level of WHO.

Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor

Rapid Increase in Air Pollutant Correlations

PM2.5 is an index called Particle Matter and PM2.5 is allocated for measuring combustion particles,

organic compounds, metals etc in our lungs due to continuous exposure of toxic pollutants.

The EPA describes PM2.5 has fine inhalable particles, with the diameter that are generally 2.5 micrometers and

smaller.  The average PM2.5 has gradually decreased throughout the years because of increase in air pollutants.

From 2000 to 2020 it has a decrease of 41% in National Average in USA.

It shows the quality of air is decreasing every year and its decreasing rate is not slowing down a bit.

Many developed countries are tackling this major crisis.

In case of China the PM2.5 concentrations have decreased which also caused the rapid decrease in SO2 and much

slower concentration of decrease in NO2 while the same cannot be said to O3 because it is increasing bit by bit.

So it gives them much priority to solve this crisis by controlling the pollutants such as NOx.

As per the recent Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor

it shows the correlations between PM2.5 and O3 must be controlled and

It indicates the PM2.5 and O3 control could benefit from

Reducing the major causes of air pollution such as concentrations of gas precursors.


Climate Change

The climate change has huge impact in our society.

Both the physical impact and transition impact can further decrease the quality of life and the environment.

The physical impact of climate change deals with long term shifts in climate pattern and,

The transition impact of climate change deals with transitional changes occur in internal basis of a sector or in a community.

Like policy change either by government or a private sector,

Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor the growth of carbon emission.

To have reliable and ever clean energy from domestic level to industrial level in affordable

Range is what everyone aiming for.  The usage of natural gas is eminent in every country

Especially households but the carbon emission is high by producing it.

So a swift advancement in environment tech is very much needed.

Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor

Change Policy trends for Climate change

The Paris Agreement is well known and it’s highly likely to uphold the climate change crisis and

Give a major push in tech innovations.  The Paris Agreement aims to hold “the increase in the global temperature

to well below 2oC above pre-industrial levels and [to pursue] efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 oC

above pre-industrial level”.  Each country has to achieve its National Determined Contributions or

NDCs if we have to control the increase in temperature in future.

By 2050 if we want to achieve 1.5 oC decrease in temperature every country has to adopt carbon

Dioxide emission removal chances.  To reach the results

they must require to change policies in every sectors regarding carbon emission.

The impacts for climate change policies are needed and put it into action before it gets late.

For example the technological mandates like renewable fuel has to become top priority

so instead of gas fueled vehicles electricity based automobiles and motorcycles have to take over the market and

Non-renewable power production must put to stop and focus on non pollutants and clean energy like nuclear

energy, solar energy, and wind energy have to adopted everywhere in Environmental Science and ,

Technology Letters Impact Factor.

The removal of carbon emission can be achieved by technological development.

The Hydrogen fuel which has potential as a lower carbon fuel and also a good energy.

Carrier can be used in sectors which has no way to decorbonizing approaches.

Some of them needs fuels like petrol or diesel to have profits in their business ,

So it cannot be totally replaceable in such case hydrogen fuel can play a vital role.

The batteries are also a good trend in controlling carbon emission.

While people use generators in big functions or campaigns of political parties especially countries like India,

It is much appreciated to use batteries like lithium ion or sodium ion batteries.

Even though further development. Environmental technological is needed for having affordable and reliable

Replacement from carbon fuels if the whole world needs to become carbon free in the upcoming future.


Conclusion of Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor

In the future if we the humans don’t stop the rapid increase in climate change, carbon emission and other aspects of environmental problems not only us the whole future generation along with millions of species who are residing along with us in this beautiful planet has to face the impending danger which we can afford to Environmental Science and Technology Letters Impact Factor.

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