Invention Ideas that Haven't Been Invented

Easy Invention Ideas That Haven’t Been Invented

Easy Invention Ideas That Haven’t Been Invented


When it comes to coming up with Invention Ideas that Haven’t Been Invented, many inventors find themselves stumped at where to start or wonder if their idea will be worth the time and effort to get it to market. But don’t let this hold you back! There are plenty of great invention ideas that have yet to be invented, and it can be easy to come up with your own if you know where to look. The trick is knowing what people are looking for in terms of features and capabilities so that you can build something they don’t already have in their possession.

A Time Machine

Although a true time machine would require traveling faster than light, a loophole in special relativity allows us to talk about what would happen if we could break that speed limit. And a close look at general relativity reveals all sorts of properties of such wormhole properties we might be able to take advantage of Invention Ideas that Haven’t Been Invented. For example, although nothing can exceed light speed, it turns out there’s no reason why something couldn’t be propelled near enough to light speed to enter and travel through a wormhole. Such an object would then experience time more slowly on its journey (as observed by any observer outside) than it did on its entry side hence enjoying slower aging in a kind of reverse aging chamber.


Personal Robots

At first glance, personal robots may seem unnecessary. However, they are of critical importance in our world today this Invention Ideas that Haven’t Been Invented. As more and more tasks become automated, humans will find it increasingly difficult to function efficiently in society. The ability to spend more time interacting with our families is becoming less of a possibility as we’re forced to spend hours at work performing menial tasks. Personal robots would allow us to put these menial tasks on auto-pilot allowing us more free time with friends and family.


Flying Cars

We may not have hovercars yet, but flying cars are just around the corner. Aero Mobil is a Slovakian company’s answer to our decades-old problem of how to get places in congested cities like Tokyo or San Francisco. It takes off like a plane, travels at 120 miles per hour, and can land on any road. Newer versions of the vehicle can even be folded up and stored in garages.

Home Appliances with No Buttons

Technology has done wonders for home appliances, but some of us are still stuck in a time when everything had a button or lever. Some new products make it even easier to use these devices, like smart coffee makers that can connect to your smartphone. But maybe there’s a better way. The internet of things is on fire right now, so why not make an appliance that works without buttons or knobs? Imagine turning on your coffee maker by simply walking into your kitchen! Invention Ideas that Haven’t Been Invented


Flying Carpet Vehicles

When it comes to flying vehicles, there are three basic approaches: balloons (limiting landings to places with a lot of open space), planes (which need runways and highways), and flying carpets. This third category is still in its infancy but not for lack of trying. Between 1989 and 1999, NASA spent $150 million on developing two different versions of a flying carpet vehicle Invention Ideas that Haven’t Been Invented. The first was called Heliostat and could take off like a helicopter and then later transition into hovercraft mode. The second version was called Transformer and was designed to carry five passengers at up to 70 miles per hour for short distances.


Futuristic Bikes

We’re used to seeing bikes nowadays, but a company called Hurdler Bikes is on track to revolutionize how we get around on two wheels. Their design, called Trikes, works by using your body’s weight as propulsion. To ride it, all you have to do is lean forward and let gravity do its job. Of course, it does take a little practice before you’ll be zipping down hills at top speed at least for most people but if you live somewhere with a lot of inclines or long stretches of flat ground, then Trikes could provide an easier way to get from point A to point B while also getting in a bit of exercise this Invention idea that Hasn’t Been Invented.


Portable Fridges

Today, fridges are a luxury item. However, when you think about it, a fridge is simply an airtight box to keep food cold and maintain its nutritional value. The only difference between modern refrigerators and portable iceboxes is a power source (and even that could be solar). So how come we don’t have portable fridges? Portable fridges would be far more useful than smartphones or smartwatches. If someone had invented them already then, they’d likely be selling well by now. Perhaps society just wasn’t ready for them yet; but once they are invented, they will likely become so commonplace one will remember why we ever used conventional fridges in the first place!


Smartwatches That Work Independently from Phones

Smartwatches have been around for a few years now, but their usefulness is limited because they need to be connected to a smartphone to get notifications. But what if you didn’t need a phone? Imagine being able to send and receive texts directly from your watch; imagine being able to listen to music without your phone. No more scrambling for your phone every time it buzzes or plays an annoying tune. Unfortunately, these sorts of smartwatches are still just ideas but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t exist soon enough. Before then, though, users might as well use their smartphones less by using them as phones and making calls directly from their watches.

Conclusion of Invention Ideas that Haven’t Been Invented

How many inventions do you think have never been invented? Hundreds? Thousands? Even though it seems impossible, I’m going to bet there are more ideas out there that haven’t been invented than ones that have. That’s right, according to entrepreneur Steve Blank, on his website Entrepreneurship, almost every product and service we use was at one point a new Invention Ideas that Haven’t Been Invented. From soap and shampoo to cameras and TV all of these products had an inventor who saw potential in something no one else saw. So, if all those big inventions were left for someone else to think up, what kinds of things aren’t out there yet? Maybe you already know something like it but with a twist.

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