Data Power Technology

Data Power Technology

Data Power Technology – an Overview


The Data Power Technology demand of top quality products provided by reputed firms always on peak.

Especially when it comes to products related to domestic day to day life the purchase rate becomes higher if we have support of local body.

The products related to HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)

have good market and demanding customers in US.

Here on Data Power Technology they have been providing top quality equipment and service to the Data Center

and HVAC industries since 1981.

They provide quality expertise in cooling system of data center better than many firms out there.

Let’s see about them and how the services are provided to the data centers in the blog!


Who are they?  

When you set up your own startup (related to any IT field) maintaining your data center becomes your top

priority.  It has to work 24/7 and even with constant monitoring and monthly/yearly checkups without having

good HVAC installment at the beginning everything would be good for none.

When your data centre works all day it will welcome excess of warm air and humidity and creates a bunch of

problems for your firm and for your money.

The Data Power Technology comes into play in that moment and takes away all your worries.

They are dealing with variety of problems related to data centers from computer room HVAC

applications to air handling units; cooling towers to UPS power quality; hydronic products to airside equipment;

rack and rack PDUs, giving off best services and expertise to their valuable

customers for more than 40 years.  They are currently serving Nebraska,

South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois inside USA.

Let me brief you the various techniques which are

currently used to cool down the data centers before we get into

how much the Data Power Technology provide these services within your budget with greater results.


Techniques of HVAC that can implement in Data Center

Free cooling:  

The method of free cooling has not much of expenditures just like the name depicts.  This technique allows your

data center to work with proper temperature flow with less expense.

It has two types of systems which are air-side economization and water-side economization.

The air-side economizations works like it allows the outer side air to

flow inside the data center to cool off the system but it also has a

disadvantage that it would allow air pollutants which could harm the system more.

Chilled Water System:

When it comes to cooling off a system most of the sectors prefer to have liquid cooling systems in Data Power

Technology.  The liquid cooling system has effective way of cooling and it is a direct method to implement.

The chilled water produced by the chiller allows

the liquid to flow into small pipelines and it connects the whole data centre and controls the temperature.

The chilled water then travels through coils,

it takes away the heat and transfer it to the chiller.

Once the water gets back to the chiller then it goes through condensation process and

then get flown back to the chiller system.

Pumped Refrigerant:

This method of cooling works in a way where the chilled

water get pumped from the heat exchanger and use a pumped refrigerant to take out the heat from the system.

This is one of the effective and one of the sought after method in data center cooling areana

because it transmitts the energy from the servers and pave way to have better humidity inside the data centre.

Hot / Cold aisle arrangement:

This one of the most carefully undertaken step.  Within the data centre the servers need moderate humidity without excess of hot or cold air.

If you start to cool down the system with chilled air the hot air inside the data center start to mix together and

leads to unwanted headaches.

To not to get into these unnecessary misgivings you need to

set the racks in right manner where the heat and cold aisle method can work effectively.


What are their products and services?

They provide cloud based IOT with artificial intelligence monitoring 24/7 and also they give full analytics for the

products they sell.  As I mentioned before they give the best service in HVAC(Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) for the data centre servers.

They also sell equipments related to data power and we can relate

them more or so a distributor for  critical facilities.

They provide services for the following areas; Installation services for the startups,

within the data center racking up the UPS, providing a good systematic network which gives uninterrupted power

supply and also top notch maintanence, taking your workload off by giving battery replacement services,

providing site survey with monthly or yearly inspection and also cleaning of systems and the room they placed in.

They are providing their services and products to

multiple industries, such as critical facilities, electrical based sectors,

air side and hydronic industries both are mechanical related sectors,

major mechanical sectors, and (selected) software sectors.

Their services are within USA but not all the states. Data Power Technology

They work in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois.

Some of their reputed customers are Condair, Dectron, Energy Labs Inc, Gunter and HMAX.

With quality and experienced technicians

you can always count on them when you face a trouble regarding

your systems or in the beginning of installation when you initiate your startups.


Conclusion of Data Power Technology

Data Power Technology has grown into a well reputed organization and deeply structuring themselves into much better standardized one in the field of artificial intelligence. Data science, cloud based IOT, maintaining the data center, UPS rack mounting, and the HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning).

Their growth and reputation are yield from their continuous development in software sectors and mechanical sectors. Their equipments for critical facilities plays a major role in their success story.  Throughout the 40 years journey of Data Power Technology they placed themselves on the Top spot and yeared many deals with multiple corporate firms because of their expertise.

Let’s witness in the future just how much they improve their company in this sector and bring many more success than they have now.

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