Computer Vision vs Machine Vision

Computer Vision vs Machine Vision in 2022

Computer Vision vs Machine Vision – what is the difference?


When we compare Computer Vision vs Machine Vision in 2022 we can derive some major difference from its physical features, its origin, its working process and also its efficiency.  But when we do deep learning on both we can find out many similarities and also broad differentials.  Let’s discuss some.


What is Computer Vision?

Vision of humans can do magical phenomenon.  Likewise computer vision has improvised over the years and has completed ambitious goals for the humankind.  It plays main role in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  Scanning documents by using mobile phones done by computer vision, QR code is the vital part of money transaction and it’s one of its applications, and also face detection or eye detection its done by computer vision.

For example Apple iphones are coming with advanced video shooting features every year.  Image capturing is the process done by computer vision and with each upgrades with iphones we can clearly see how this field has improved with many folds. Computer Vision vs Machine Vision.

Computer Vision vs Machine Vision

What makes up Computer Vision?

What we see in this image is what a computer is also see but extracting information from it is the complex part.  There are lot of information can a computer get from this single shot and it goes to a stage called image classification.  When computer goes under image classification the things it sees get divided and put it into different pre-set labels.

The basic information we get from this image are sky, mountain and river.  This is where computer vision undergoes second stage that is segmentation of image.  There are specific boundary lines which separates these three and computer break them into regions according to the space it occupied.

Then we can see an object that is a boat.  Whenever computer detects a object in an image it covers them within a box like we have in scanning features.  This stage is often called object detection where computer doesn’t gather any information what’s inside the box but simply put the object in it Computer Vision vs Machine Vision in 2022.

Then comes a complex part that is image reconstruction.  When we see this image we know that mountain is larger in size than the trees.  But computer never knows it beforehand.  So in image reconstruction phase the geometry of the object in the image provides the information to the computer vision.  This is a larger field to study.


What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the analyzing and processing of the image from the camera to generate image related data which helps the AI or robots in the device or machines to have better understanding of the image and the objects present in it by comparing them to previously. Established models of object world.

When we enter into this phase which is transmitting the image related data to models it filters large numbers of object in the object world to give relevant information.

This stage involves several steps.  Starting from the basic step which gives very basic raw information of the object to the high level phase where it gives accurate information of the object. Computer Vision vs Machine Vision

Computer Vision vs Machine Vision

What makes up Machine Vision?

There are two steps in machine vision that are image pre-processing and image processing.

In image pre-processing it does not increase the information of the object or the image.  But this process doesn’t solve the problem or give better results.  So to bore good results in image pre-processing the best option is having high quality image acquisition.  But it also has perks like it clear out the unwanted and unrelated information about the object in the initial steps giving very small area to cover in the next steps on Computer Vision vs Machine Vision in 2022.

In image processing like its name emphasize it process the image clearly and generates new image.  This stage of machine vision take place in the early stage and filter the information about it’s geometrical structure, segmentation, edge detection of the object, and also neighborhood processing.

In face detection the computer vision derives the information from the image and in the robotic vision phase which is also a subset of machine vision provides the quality control inspection.

The steps includes in machine vision are:

  • Lighting image composition
  • Image acquisition
  • Image processing
  • Image feature extraction
  • Image classification
  • Machine control system

This is the flow of machine vision and by completing the process one by one the machine can determine and provides a better and efficient result to the customer.


Computer Vision vs Machine Vision

When it comes to the difference between these two broader horizons there are lots of subsets we need to take account.  For example when we talk about machine vision we need to consider robotic vision also.  In robotic vision it deals with the automation industry and robotic guidance and processing.  But in machine vision the domain is larger and the subsets are wider.

In computer vision unlike machine vision which deals with industry it deals with almost all mobile applications.  Example Snapchat and Instagram have many filters in their arsenals and also faceapp. Which can modify our face either it’s old age or young, these can be done only by computer vision.

The fastag of Indian Government is also one of the advantages of computer vision where one cannot bother to wait for their bills. Simply get scanned by the AI cameras and get automatically charged by it.

In industries for locating the products machine vision is used.  Also in quality control the quality of the product is checked by machine vision.  If it detects a defective product it automatically push it off from the conveyors.

In the futuristic cars such as automatic cars the machine vision is dominantly used.  It detects the obstacles by visual seroying and drives the vehicle in a perfect manner.

The high frame rate cameras used in industries are one of the results of advanced machine visions.  When you have to manufacture thousands or hundred thousands of products every day then using high frame rate camera to inspect it bores best solutions.


Conclusion of Computer Vision vs Machine Vision

Both Computer Vision vs Machine Vision in 2022 complements each other and provides better understanding in image processing and image reconstruction.  Thus the advancement in both provides a high tech solution for our day to day struggles.

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