Computer System Engineer Salary in USA

Computer System Engineer Salary in USA

computer system engineer salary in the USA


Computer System Engineer Salary in USA

How much should you earn as a computer system engineer? As of May 2012, the average salary for computer system engineers in the United States was $83,600 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The top-earning 10 percent of computer system engineers earned more than $139,500 per year, while the bottom 10 percent earned less than $54,300 per year. The highest-paid computer system engineers worked in California or Washington state. If you’re looking to become a computer systems engineer or just want to know how much you’re currently worth as one, read on!

What is the average computer system engineer salary in the United States?

The average computer system engineer salary in the United States is $85,000 per year. There are many factors that can affect a person’s salary and these include the level of education and experience they have, as well as where they are employed. A computer systems engineer needs to have a bachelor’s degree and four years of professional experience. This type of worker typically earns about $68,000 after tax for those with a four-year degree and six years of experience. Those who don’t have a college degree but have ten years of experience make an average salary of around $74,000. Those who earn both their college degree and their professional engineering license will earn an even higher computer system engineer salary – on average around $108,500 per year.

How does this compare to other engineering disciplines?

Computer System Engineer Salary
Computer systems engineers design and develop computer hardware and software to meet the needs of the organization. They may also monitor networks, troubleshoot problems and perform maintenance.
The median annual wage for computer system engineers was $97,000 in May 2008. Computer programmers earned a median wage of $79,000; computer support specialists earned a median wage of $55,000; web developers earned a median wage of $62,500; network architects earned a median wage of $83,000. Computer systems engineers generally have more education than computer programmers, computer support specialists and web developers. Computer system engineers typically earn their bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university before earning an additional degree at an accredited engineering school. After graduation, they must pass a state examination before becoming licensed to practice as an engineer in that state. Some states require continuing education hours in order to keep their license active.

What are the top factors that affect computer system engineer salaries?

Computer system engineers are employed by a wide variety of companies and industries. The top factors that determine the computer system engineers salary are:
– Experience: The more experience you have, the more you will be paid.
– Location: Computer systems engineers tend to make the most money in states where living costs are high and there is a large demand for their skills, such as California and Massachusetts.
– Certification: A computer systems engineer with an industry certification, such as CCNA or MCSE, can make more than one without it.
– Gender/Race/Nationality: Women and minority groups generally earn less than white men who hold similar positions.

What can you do to increase your computer system engineer salary?

As a computer system engineer, you are responsible for designing and testing computer systems. Your degree is your ticket to the high-paying jobs. With the right degree, you can earn an annual income of more than $90,000 a year. Here are some steps to take to increase your computer system engineer salary:
– Get into a well-known college or university with a good reputation for engineering programs. You may also need to do an internship or two before graduating from school. – Spend some time working as an intern at different companies before finding one that seems like the best fit.


The average annual computer system engineer salary varies according to the location and type of industry. In general, the salaries are higher in the northern states than they are in the southern states. For example, a computer systems engineer typically earns $93,000 per year on average, but that ranges from $74,000 to $114,000 annually depending on region.
What is a Computer System Engineer?
Computer system engineers are responsible for creating software and hardware that make computers function correctly. They use their expertise to design programs or systems and test them before releasing them to customers.
Is There an Average Computer Systems Engineer Salary Range?
The average annual computer systems engineer salary varies according to the location and type of industry.

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