Colorado State University's Computer Information Systems Program

Colorado State University’s Computer Information Systems Program

Colorado State University’s Computer Information Systems Program


Colorado State University's Computer Information Systems Program

Colorado State University’s Computer Information Systems Program Not too long ago, computers were relatively rare in most offices and businesses, and those that had them didn’t have much of an idea how to use them to their full potential.

Now, computers are practically everywhere, and the people who use them regularly are professionals known as computer information systems (IS) professionals.

IS professionals develop software applications and advise organizations on technology upgrades,

IT security, and more. If this sounds like a career path you’d like to take, keep reading to

learn more about the requirements of this degree program at Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-GC).


Colorado State University’s Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems program at CSU is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to become a leader in the computer information technology industry.

The program is built on four pillars: business, technical, social, and global awareness.

Students learn how to create innovative software solutions for businesses and organizations,

As well as how to think about the implications of computing in different fields and cultures.

CSU was one of the first schools in the world to offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science back in 1965.

Location and Setting

Colorado State University’s Computer Information System

CSU has a computer information systems program that provides students with a solid foundation in programming languages, operating systems, networking, and database management.

The program also offers courses in software engineering and data structures.

CSU offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in computer information systems, each requiring at least 30 credit hours of study to complete.

As an undergraduate student, you will take courses like Operating Systems Programming, Database Management Systems, and Data Structures & Algorithms.

Graduate students can pursue either the Master of Science or Doctor of

Philosophy degree in Computer Information Systems; the Master’s Degree requires 36 credits while the Ph.D. requires 60 credits.

Weather and Climate

Computer information systems is a field of study that prepares students to work in the ever-changing world of computer technology.

Students in this program are taught how to create and maintain hardware, software, networks, and databases for large enterprises as well as for small businesses.

The Computer Information Systems program at CSU covers topics like object-oriented programming,

Data communications and networking, computer ethics, and much more. Students can choose from four areas of concentration:

Information Technology Management

The People

CSU’s Computer Information Systems (CIS) program is located in the College of Engineering and provides a strong foundation for professionals to work in this rapidly growing field.

The CIS curriculum offers a balance between computer science, information systems, and business fundamentals.

Students can tailor their coursework to focus on one of three areas: computer science, information systems, or business management.

The core courses cover the latest topics in computing including software development and design; databases;

programming languages; artificial intelligence; networking; operating systems; web development; security and cryptography.

As well as studying computer science concepts like data structures and algorithms they are also taught business fundamentals such as project management,

Marketing communications, economics, accounting principles, and finance so they have an understanding of how technology impacts society.

The Campus

CSU is a public university located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

It is the flagship campus of the Colorado State University System and one of the largest universities in Colorado.

With about 33,000 students and 3,100 faculty members, CSU is one of the top research universities in the U.S.

It offers more than 150 undergraduate degrees and 90 graduate degrees in 8 colleges plus their College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

CSU has a nationally recognized computer information systems program that includes a variety of majors that can be combined to suit individual interests.

The academics

The Computer Information System (CIS) program offers a comprehensive education that includes foundational computer science, business, and management courses.

Students have the opportunity to earn a bachelor of arts degree in CIS or choose one of two concentrations: information systems or software engineering.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in CIS provides students with an excellent educational background and allows them to specialize in either information systems or software engineering.

Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Arts degree program will take courses such as Database Systems, Software Development Methods and Techniques, Computer Organization and Architecture, and

Introduction to Programming Concepts.

They will also be required to take general education courses such as English Composition,

Principles of Macroeconomics, Public Speaking for Business Professionals, and Human Behavior in Organizations.

The athletics

We are Colorado State University, a public university with over 31,000 students located in Fort Collins,

Colorado. We offer over 160 undergraduate and graduate degrees across 13 colleges and schools.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) is one of the programs offered here at CSU.

The CIS program prepares students for careers in information technology-related fields such as computer programming, web design and development, systems analysis, database management, and more.

Courses range from introduction to computers to advanced topics like robotics or artificial intelligence.

The social life

Computer information systems, or CIS, is a program that focuses on the use of computers and information systems to solve real-world problems.

The CIS program at Colorado State University has been ranked as one of the best programs in the United States for 11 consecutive years.

CIS degrees are offered through both the College of Business and the College of Engineering.

Undergraduates can choose from a variety of different concentrations, such as cyber security,

software engineering, networking management, or computer science.

Graduate students will have more flexibility with their degree coursework,

pursuing a Master’s degree in any area related to CIS including computer science and software engineering.

The faculty at CSU holds multiple patents in computing

Technology and offers many nationally recognized research opportunities for

Students interested in conducting research for professors.


CSU’s Computer Information Systems program is a very valuable asset to the university.

The program has been ranked as one of the top computer information systems programs in the country,

which provides CSU students with both a challenging education and opportunities for advancement in their chosen field of study.

The internship and co-op programs also provide students with invaluable professional experience,

enabling them to enter the workforce earlier than other students.

The Computer Information Systems degree is an excellent choice for those

who are looking to start a career in this quickly-growing field.

The cost of attendance

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