Best Cool Things That Have Been 3d Printed

Best Cool Things That Have Been 3d Printed


Best Cool Things That Have Been 3d Printed

Best Cool Things That Have Been 3d Printed

1. Bamboo Grow Tubes;

Best Cool Things That Have Been 3d Printed

Bamboo Grow tubes are super useful for growing marijuana indoors, and they’re pretty affordable. You can get them at any gardening supply store, and they cost around $10. What makes these tubes different than others is their size. Most grow tubes have a diameter between 8-12 inches, while bamboo grows tubes average about 24 inches long. These are perfect for taller plants and bigger yields because they allow for more air circulation and light penetration.

2. Drip Irrigation System;

Best Cool Things That Have Been 3d Printed
Drip irrigation systems are extremely helpful because they provide precise amounts of water whenever they need it. If you’ve ever planted tomatoes, then you know how much water each plant requires. Drip irrigation systems are essentially the same thing but for plants instead of vegetables. Each tube in the system only delivers about 1/8th of an inch of water per day. So if you have a big garden bed and 16 tubes, you could save yourself about 32 gallons of water per week!

3. LED Grow Lights;

Best Cool Things That Have Been 3d Printed
LED grow lights are great because they use 90% less electricity than traditional fluorescent lights, and last much longer. They’re also much brighter and produce a cooler spectrum that helps the marijuana plant thrive. They can be purchased online for around $100-$150.

4. Indoor Gardening Tools;

Indoor gardening tools are super useful because they help you manage your plants without going outside. There are several tools out there that let you rotate your plants, move clippings, and even harvest the buds without leaving the house. Some examples are the Weed Whacker, the Clipper, the Bud Vise, and the Harvest Rover.

5. Hydro Flask Grow Water Bottle Kit;

Hydro flasks are a cheap alternative to using jugs and carboys. They keep your grow water fresh and clean and make sure it doesn’t go stale. Because growers tend to run out of water over time, having a kit handy is always useful.

6. Hydroponic Growing Kits;

Hydroponic growing kits are incredibly popular right now. The idea is that you take care of your plants with nothing but water and nutrients. Not only does this save money, but it also reduces the amount of work you have to do. In addition, a lot of people find that hydroponic growing is easier for plants that struggle with soil due to its acidic nature. Since most of these kits are DIY, it lets you customize them however you want.

7. Air Pots;

Air pots are awesome because they conserve water and don’t require expensive pumps. All you have to do is add some seeds to the pot and then fill the rest of the space with filtered air. After that, you simply follow normal planting instructions.

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