Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor

Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor

Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor


Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor Before you set out to the open seas in search of treasure, or embark on an underwater journey to explore the undiscovered sea, make sure you have the right equipment to ensure your success. The Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor can detect depth and pressure, and through its built-in temperature sensor, it can even monitor water temperature as well. This way, whether you’re searching for sunken treasure or monitoring the oceanic temperature gradient, you’ll be ready to go!

Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor


The Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor is a new tool for professionals and hobbyists looking for an easy way to measure depth and pressure at the same time. The sensor is accurate to within 1% of the water’s surface level, and can be used with various pressure ranges. The sensor also includes a built in temperature sensor which gives users an accurate reading of their environment.
The Bar30 is available now for $149.99 on the Bar 30 website. Users must sign up for a free account and then purchase the product from the site.

Key Features

The Bar30 is a new high-resolution sensor that can measure water depth and pressure up to 300 meters deep. The sensor has an IP67 rating, which makes it safe from dust, complete immersion in water, and total protection from exposure to oil. It also has an internal rechargeable battery with a life of 30 hours and the ability to wirelessly transmit data at speeds of 1MBps over a range of 3 miles.
#1: The Bar30 is the first high-resolution sensor for underwater use with an IP67 rating for complete protection against dust and liquids. #2: It can measure water depth up to 300 meters deep and pressure up to 100,000 Pascals (psi) while still being compact enough to fit in your hand or pocket.

Technical Specifications

This sensor measures depth, pressure, and temperature with a resolution of up to 0.03 meters. It is accurate up to 3 meters and can be used in fresh or salt water. The sensor transmits data through a wireless connection up to 1,000 meters away and can be used as part of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) or remotely piloted boat (ROV). The Bar30 has three pressure ports for attaching sensors like temperature, light level, humidity, salinity, pH, oxygen levels, and more! Bar30 also offers an integrated 2 megapixel camera that you can point where ever you want with the included controller. It’s perfect for imaging shipwrecks and other deep-water exploration!


The Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor is the next generation of underwater exploration. It has a maximum depth rating of 3,000 meters and can withstand pressures up to 1,500 psi. It provides accurate readings every second and is compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. The Bar30 also features an IP68 rating for water intrusion protection, so it’s rugged enough for any dive condition. The sensor comes in a variety of sizes depending on your needs: small, medium, large or extra large.
The sensor can be programmed to work as an alarm system for gas leaks or gas concentration levels. For applications such as law enforcement work or search and rescue missions where time is critical, you can use this data logger to collect data in deep waters that would otherwise be inaccessible without sending people into harm’s way.
This advanced sensor is designed to provide users with insight into life under the sea that they never could have imagined before!

Why Choose the Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor?

The Bar30 High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor is the most versatile and practical sensor available. It can be used in a variety of ways, from measuring depth to pressure. It also has a rugged design that makes it waterproof and dustproof. With a range of up to 300 meters, this sensor is perfect for any application! Whether you are looking for a sensor that is great for water or one that can measure more than just depth, the Bar30 will serve your needs well.


The Bar30 is a revolutionary new depth and pressure sensor. It has a range of up to 3,000 meters and can detect pressures from 0 to 1,000 pounds per square inch. This device is perfect for those who want to go on a deep sea diving adventure. The Bar30 is also the perfect device for recreational scuba divers or for those who work in the oil industry. The Bar30’s small size makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go. The Bar30 also has an easily accessible touchscreen that allows users to change settings without any tools needed.

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