Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain

Are Machines to think Robots that Computer Brain

Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain

Artificial Intelligence has been the topic of much controversy among philosophers and other thinkers for decades now. Most of us don’t realize yet whether we can actually control it, but there are already some applications for them. Just think about a robot who uses an AI algorithm to do tasks without human intervention. Who knows, maybe in 10-20 years many different types will be out there. Already they have their own ways to communicate with each other. Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain It is not so easy to get rid of those obstacles though, robots do not speak English that well.

So if you are thinking about creating your own robot for your business or company, I would say go ahead, because even artificial intelligence may need another layer of “intelligence!” How to create a machine with only one level of abilities? Is this possible? Yes! Let me reveal those secrets now. So what the hell is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? At its core, this word stands for intelligent, so the best definition for it may be intelligent = human + machine. So when talking about these two words — intelligent is “intelligent” and machine is “machine,” I see something like this: Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain An intelligent person is basically a human being that makes decisions and behaves intelligently. But if a machine can make decisions and behave intelligently, then it must be considered as a kind of “machine that thinks.

” As far as I understand, that means the task now is given by its “brain.” The problem is I cannot create my mind with a computer with only one level of intelligence — “intelligent,” just a simple calculator. We need something that will allow a machine to learn and grow, and that might be the future for automation and robots in general because a real robot is a very complex device which needs to know all the things around, and AI will become the most important part of our daily life. However, before I reveal these secrets, let me tell the readers how I came up with the idea for using such technology.

I was looking for something interesting to do during vacation time, so I thought of making a little game for children. I wanted to develop an application that could teach animals with certain skills, like a baby dog can play ball, etc. One day it occurred to me that we don’t need too complicated games for our kids. We can simply create a very simple app. And what exactly did I want to develop? What would you like to use it for instead? Of course, not a baby robot, but more likely for a child with autism, a girl. Girls are pretty difficult to approach and even more so to interact with. Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain My target audience was girls aged between 6 and 11. But no matter, I was lucky to find my inspiration within the world of programming and development.

This is when I created my first prototype. In 2009, I gave a few girls in my class project at school a basic version of the app. Then I asked myself “How does she behave? Why is she so calm and composed when I am playing this game?” When I found some common symptoms that were similar for both of them, I realized that what I was doing is right, which gave me hope for further research. The next year or two, I completed my second design of the app and I had several friends help me on it, and after that I went back to coding and created some completely new functions.

All it took me was 5 attempts before it worked. By 2015 I launched my third. Finally, my fourth. Today, I have 4 versions of the same game for 7 girls, of whom only 2 are still active users. So what’s the game? Well, it teaches kids how to play some basic tasks that any toy should have. For example, it asks them to identify objects in images. There are also various kinds of activities: reading books, collecting coins from toys, tracking birds, writing numbers, building houses, making cars, etc.

In addition, there are 2 different editions: Classic and modern. Now for the main thing: kids can play with dolls, balls, etc. There is a set of algorithms and tasks with which they should work. If you don’t understand what it means, you could think more about it by watching cartoon characters than by actually watching actual people. Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain The main difference is: they’re just robots. Or would they be? Anyway, as long as you have a doll, you will soon find it. You’ll be able to play with her to earn money or praise.

She’s a great toy for every age group and for a while she will replace a toy, but later people will realize that it’s too expensive for girls. Nevertheless, we will never give up on our toys, because toys are really fun. After all, the majority of our kids only have a handful of toys that they are allowed to play with. Even if they have to spend a small amount on them in order to buy them, they can only get to play. Unfortunately, the parents still don’t have enough money for buying more toys. They have some toys for boys, but those are not so good — they can be stolen and only they can afford having them, and those aren’t appropriate for girls. No wonder girls prefer to play with older toys compared to boys. And that is why we need a toy, right?

Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain

So what is it with all the girls? Yes, I understand there are also boys. And they have many more toys than girls, so the number of toys is endless. Still, you will see that most girls prefer playing with dolls even when you have almost the same number of toys compared to boys. Maybe not just dolls, but stuffed animals. Or some teddy bears, etc. These toys might not be suitable for the majority of kids, but since they are bought by adults, they also become old. Hence, they don’t fit into the category of children. So why don’t they get the opportunity to play with real men? We have already established that the percentage of women playing with dolls is smaller than with boys.

Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain Yet, there is a high chance that girls won’t be able to live without dolls, because girls prefer them much more than boys. I think many women like dolls over people, and they are willing to spend more for a better quality doll. Isn’t it a shame that they can’t have a girlfriend, or boyfriend? Not that many people know, but there are people who are afraid to take out anything that might spoil the beauty of their dolls. Some of them think that a man’s love for his girl means she doesn’t like him at all. But if you ask a boy about love, he wouldn’t agree with that.

He’d rather just concentrate on the toy and the activities you tell him to carry out. So I doubt that girls prefer their dolls over humans. I guess that there are a lot of reasons for this. Maybe, kids like them more, but that doesn’t mean that they like people? I guess that we should start considering children differently — how they treat people, even parents. How far do kids think we can make them happy? How can we train them without hurting them? Does AI require any improvement on those tasks? Perhaps you should change your opinion!

Anyway, no matter what the reason for girls to choose dolls over humans, they will always have one thing to look back to. Each time they play with a doll, they want to feel happy again, because at least that is what they already believed before. They had a friend like Mummy who had to spend days and weeks with her and play together with her. And it happened to be a true companion at times. Therefore, they will always want to share their experience.


So what is the issue though?

So far you have seen that in order to play a game with a doll you have to prepare the necessary materials and resources. Similarly, in order to play with a humanoid, one has to develop a software for the program and connect it with a robot. Those two examples are very similar. Both of them have to involve physical equipment and software. The latter is used to connect the object with the virtual environment, and the former is the connection between the object itself and the virtual environment. With these facts under consideration, many people believe that a human being can build a robot easily and in no time at all.

Are Machines to think Robots that use a Computer Brain Meanwhile there is nobody saying this for a robot! That is because it could be difficult, and as soon as we get the hardware necessary we can produce such a product in the nearest minute. Nobody knows whether those hardware will go in favor a woman, but what they said might be true. Certainly, a robot will not be able to go anywhere and it will need a lot of power to run. Only big corporations with tons of cash can build such a robot, and by then, nobody knows what will happen with all these investments. Furthermore, we need to make sure that they will be able to operate properly with other products, especially with children’s toys.

Otherwise, it could be dangerous for a society where children suffer. Here we come the point where you start to hear the term privacy, which means not sharing the personal data of everyone who comes under your sphere of influence. However, it is not necessary at all, you can send messages, access some tools to analyze people, track them in terms of work or family members, all those are perfectly legal actions that you are allowed. A person always has a right to a private space and if this space is not protected, then it will be an enemy of humanity.

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