Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner Model 5000 Parts

Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner Model 5000 Parts

Aprilaire electronic air cleaner model 5000 parts

Aprilaire electronic air cleaners are some of the most popular in the industry and have won multiple awards.

They are also extremely reliable and long-lasting, capable of cleaning up to 15,000 cubic feet per hour of air from particles and other pollutants that can negatively affect your health and wellness.

If you need parts for your Aprilaire air cleaner model 5000,

This article will help you with all the information you need about where to get those parts and what they look like so that you can find them quickly and easily.


Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner Model 5000 Parts

Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner Model 5000 Parts

The Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner Model 5000 is an electronic system that helps your home breathe easier.

It can reduce dust, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants in the air by as much as 99%.

model 5000 includes a sensor that monitors the number of particles in the air and adjusts fan speed accordingly. This unit has a Smart Filter Monitor System which alerts you when it’s time to change the filter.

The Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner Model 5000 is an economical alternative to replacing your whole heating and cooling system!

If you’re looking for something that will protect your family’s health without breaking the bank, this electronic air cleaner is a great choice.

The Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner Model 5000 uses sensors to monitor the levels of particle pollution in your home, and it automatically changes fan speed depending on what needs more attention.

You don’t have to worry about turning off the filters or cleaning them either; every three months they send you a notification telling you when it’s time to replace them with new ones.

The Parts of the Aprilaire 5000 Model

The Aprilaire electronic air cleaner is composed of four major components: the primary filter, the secondary filter, the pre-filter, and the fan.

The primary filter removes large airborne particles such as dust.

The secondary filter eliminates particles of all sizes.

The pre-filter catches larger particles that may be missed by the primary filter.

The fan circulates the air through these filters in a continual process to ensure clean airflow.

If you need replacement parts for your Aprilaire electronic air cleaner, we have an extensive inventory at Parts Doctor online. In addition to our electronic air cleaner parts,

we offer other HVAC repair products such as furnaces and thermostats. All of our products are available with free shipping on orders over $50.

How the Aprilaire Works

The Aprilaire electronic air cleaner is an effective way to clean the air in your home. It uses a computerized control system and an ionizer to remove contaminants such as dust, pollen, smoke, and mold. The filtration process removes particles from the air by passing them through activated charcoal or water filters, depending on the model you choose. The unit operates quietly, so it won’t disturb anyone at night or during other periods of heavy use. You can also program your Aprilaire to operate at specific times automatically, which is helpful if you’re often out of town or too busy to run it yourself. When you purchase your unit, be sure to ask about installation services so that all of your needs are met in one stop! We offer a free consultation for any residential customers looking for an electronic air cleaner or any of our other HVAC products.

Why You Need an Air Cleaner

Homes are often filled with dust, allergens, and other contaminants that can make it difficult to breathe. While you may not notice the effects of these substances while they’re airborne, they can have a significant impact on your health. And this is where an electronic air cleaner comes in handy. One of the most common types of electronic air cleaners, Aprilaire models are designed to replace high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters that remove almost all particles from the air you breathe. With a range of prices and features, there’s an Aprilaire model out there for everyone! Whether you’re looking for an electronic air cleaner to fit into tight spaces or one that produces zero ozone, Aprilaire has got you covered.


The Aprilaire electronic air cleaner is a great product to clean indoor and outdoor air. It can filter particles as small as .3 microns! The unit is also quiet, so it won’t disrupt your sleep. Plus, it’s easy to install! We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about this amazing machine and how it can help improve the quality of your home’s air.
A good electronic air cleaner will come with everything you need for installation, including instructions on how to set up and operate the machine.
The most important consideration in choosing an electronic air cleaner is size: will you be able to find space for it in your home? Most models are about three feet tall by two feet wide by three feet deep. We recommend that you measure carefully before buying one if possible; many people have said they regret not having done so before purchase because they didn’t have room for the appliance in their house or apartment after installing it.


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