7 Steps to Create a Data Center Services Agreement

7 Steps to Create a Data Center Services Agreement

7 Steps to Create a Data Center Services Agreement

7 Steps to Create a Data Center Services Agreement

7 Steps to Create a Data Center Services Agreement Writing a data center services agreement can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming if you keep your eyes on the prize of ensuring you and your client are both protected and secure when doing business with each other. To help you streamline this process, here are seven steps you can take when creating one of these agreements with your clients. Let’s get started!

1) Define the term data center

A data center is a facility that houses computer systems, such as servers, and associated components. Data centers can be owned by companies or they can be leased. They are used to store data and process data. The number of people who work in the data center varies depending on the size of the company’s needs and how much equipment is housed in the building. Data centers have many different names but they all serve the same purpose: storing and processing data for companies around the world. A data center service agreement will outline the expectations between the two parties. It should include what services are expected from both parties, when those services will take place, what type of support will be offered and what type of support might not be offered. Here is an example:


1) We expect you to maintain an up-to-date server backup on our servers for protection against data loss at no additional cost per month or year.

2) Describe the responsibilities of both parties

The data center services agreement will have clear definitions of the responsibilities of both parties, but it’s important to note that the data center services provider typically assumes more responsibility than the customer. The responsibilities of the data center services provider include providing a safe and secure environment for your data, as well as providing backup power in case of an emergency. The customer is responsible for ensuring their equipment is compatible with the data center’s facilities, as well as covering any costs related to installing or removing their equipment.
A few other things that are often included in this type of agreement are how long it will take before repairs can be made after an emergency has been reported, what types of security measures will be used, how maintenance procedures will work, and any reporting requirements.

3) Outline the specific services to be provided

1) Data center services agreement
2) Data center services agreement template
3) Data center management
4) Facilities management
5) Network/wireless solutions
6) Voice and data cabling installation
7) Cloud technology

4) Discuss billing and payment terms

In addition, you’ll want to decide on your data center services agreement’s billing and payment terms. How often will you charge the customer for their usage? Do they pay monthly, quarterly, or annually? Will there be any discounts available for early payment or paying in full? What are the penalties for late payments?

5) Include provisions for service level agreements

The following provisions may be included in the data center services agreement: – A service level agreement that provides the levels of uptime, performance and reliability.
– What happens if either party breaches the data center services agreement?
– If a breach is discovered and it’s determined that one party is at fault, who will be responsible for fixing it?

6) Address confidentiality and security concerns

Data center services agreements should always include confidentiality and security provisions. Data centers are usually required by law to keep data secure, and any breach could cause significant damage to your company’s reputation. This is especially important for data that contains sensitive information like customer credit card numbers or financial information. It’s also essential that the agreement clearly defines what happens in the case of a breach so that your company isn’t left open for legal liability.

7) Have both parties sign and date the agreement

The data center services agreement should be signed and dated by both parties. You may want to include a clause that states the agreement is void if not signed by both parties. It is also beneficial to have each of the parties list their contact information on the document. Once you have created your data center services agreement, you can use it as a template for future agreements.


It is important to create and sign a data center services agreement before beginning any business relationship, as it outlines your responsibilities, the customer’s responsibilities and what will happen if there is an interruption in service.
1. Determine which type of agreement you need
2. Determine who needs to be on the contract
3. Choose whether you want the customer’s signature or not

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