7 Computer Companies That Offer Student Discounts

7 Computer Companies That Offer Student Discounts

7 Computer Companies That Offer Student Discounts


7 Computer Companies That Offer Student Discounts

7 Computer Companies That Offer Student Discounts While computers have become more affordable and powerful over time, they still aren’t cheap to buy on your own. That’s why it’s good to know that some computer companies offer student discounts to those who are enrolled in high school, college, or graduate school programs, as well as those who have recently graduated from these institutions. In this article, we’ll list seven such companies and discuss how you can qualify for their discounts as a student or recent grad.

1) Apple

Apple is one of the most popular computer companies, and they offer several discounts for students. For example, if you’re enrolled in a two-year degree program, you can get an education discount on computers and accessories. Apple also offers discounts to students who are enrolled in four-year degree programs or who work at an eligible college or university. The company’s website also lists some academic software that is free for students to use.

2) Microsoft

If you’re a student at an accredited institution, you might be eligible for Microsoft’s Dreamspark program. This package grants students access to Microsoft software for their school work, as well as its development tools and services. Dreamspark is available for Windows and Mac, and the subscription can be used by up to five people from one academic institution.
The University of Oregon offers a partnership with Dreamspark that includes free Office 365 Education Edition subscriptions to all current UO students, staff, and faculty members. These subscriptions include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and more.
If your school doesn’t offer any discounts or partnerships with computer companies like Microsoft then there are still some other options out there.

3) Dell

Dell is one of the most well-known computer companies, and it’s no surprise that they offer a student discount. Dell offers students up to 20% off their computer purchases. This discount applies to any laptop or desktop with a student edition or academic special edition license. Students can also purchase up to six Dell monitors for discounted prices on select models. Dell also offers excellent customer service and warranties, so you won’t have to worry about your computer breaking down anytime soon.

4) Lenovo

Lenovo is the best computer company for students. They offer discounts for students who want to purchase laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. For example, if a student purchases a Thinkpad laptop with Windows 10 Pro, they are eligible for a 20% discount on the price of their device. Lenovo also offers discounts on accessories such as cables and batteries when they’re purchased together with a computer. To receive these discounts, the student needs to show their current school ID or another form of identification at the time of purchase.

5) Asus

Asus is a well-known computer company that offers student discounts. Asus offers student discounts to any students in the U.S. so long as they are enrolled in a college, university, or trade school. To get the discount, you must present your valid and current student ID card at the time of purchase. You can also qualify for discounted pricing if you’re a parent, guardian, or spouse of a full-time student!

6) HP

HP is one of the most popular computer companies and has a wide variety of products to choose from. HP offers student discounts on select laptops, desktops, printers, and other accessories that students might need for school. To find out if you qualify for these discounts, see the eligibility requirements below:
-Be enrolled in high school or college full time -Maintain a 3.0 GPA -Show proof of registration (this can be done with your college ID)

7) Acer

Acer is one of the most popular computer companies in the world, and they offer a student discount. If you’re looking to buy an Acer laptop or desktop computer, head over to their website and start browsing! You’ll find a wide range of prices, from budget models that are perfect for students on a tight budget to high-end computers that will keep you productive for years. Simply click on Student Pricing at the bottom of the page to see all the different options.


These are just a few of the companies that offer student discounts. As you search for your perfect laptop or desktop, be sure to check if they offer any discounts. If they don’t, ask them if it is possible to negotiate a discount on your purchase. Ultimately, what matters most is finding a computer company that you feel comfortable with and can trust.

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