Best 3D Printed Articulated Animals

Best 3D Printed Articulated Animals


Best 3D Printed Articulated Animals

The first time I saw the name “3D Printed Articulated Animals” on any webpage, it all clicked in my head. At the moment when you are looking for a certain toy, look no further than your local shop: there is something that everyone can get at home. Yes! We are about to discover a whole new world, an exciting one: the idea of bringing people and things closer together. While these inventions seem like science fiction to us today, they will become reality in just a few years. Let’s check out some examples of what will come when we allow machines to print anything on demand.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over much of our everyday life. It allows you to take control of everything with easy-to-use applications: voice assistants, smart homes, etc. As Artificial Intelligence enters society, there will be many other ways to express our creativity or even better express ourselves. For example, most of us have already tried creating music using the software, turning it into a song or video, but would like to do more.

One of the best ways to achieve this? With ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. This type of AI allows its user to create any piece of art in seconds. It allows anyone with a computer and internet access to design the pieces according to their individual preferences. Many young artists want to start making sculptures and videos, but don’t have the necessary skills to program their ideas on such a scale. If you want to go through the training process, there is a chance that you will choose the right career path. And if you have friends who are interested in similar subjects, it will be very helpful to know them, so that you can support each other.

Of course, not everyone has their talent, the same as the musicians: although they can make good melodies, some of us aren’t that lucky, so we need a coach to help guide us. By printing artificial intelligence and helping people find the right kind of motivation, the future is ready for both the artist and the consumer, no matter what age they are. But first, let’s talk about how we are going to make the magic happen.


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Best 3D Printed Articulated Animals

3D Printed Articulated Animals are used by manufacturers to print objects on special surfaces. They can be used for producing parts for cars, medical equipment, and computer screens, and they can also be designed as home decorations.”¹

Let’s imagine that it was possible to produce a self-driving car with only a laptop. You can buy one everywhere, and have to drive a Tesla Model S, but you can print it in the printer of your choice and bring it over to your house. Or let’s say that you need to create a plane model: you can spend money on a professional tool to make the planes, but you can use your imagination to make a three-dimensional object. That said, these three-D printed models are still expensive.

Although we don’t currently have 3D Printed Articulated Animals, they can easily be integrated into existing items: the majority of companies will soon introduce a prototype that produces the required item. We also have opportunities to increase the possibilities of industrial production, especially in the field of manufacturing: for instance, an airplane with a plastic frame can be produced without necessarily having to be made of wood.

The development of technology is essential nowadays, so why should we stop to think about the potential benefits? In addition to those mentioned above, we’ll see many more possibilities. When speaking about the digital world, it is crucial to mention what is becoming of our existence. Today’s devices allow us to communicate instantly with others, talk to each other, watch the news, etc. All in a personal experience: yes, but what does this mean? Is this a game changer for human beings? No, because we can still live peacefully with others. What is changing? Well, obviously, from a different standpoint, we have to face that we have entered a new era where we can connect to those around us without thinking about the distance.

So, we’ve invented our third dimension: the virtual space. We live in this space, we can call it our online universe. But this world is very fragile and prone to fluctuation. Can we even have faith in it? How can we be sure that it won’t change our behavior and preferences? We know it will, but does anybody even care?

At the end of 2019, Google acquired Kobo, the Korean manufacturer of Personal Digital Assistants. Now it turns out that Kobo is developing robot helpers that will try to take care of your needs: you won’t even need to speak to a person to get assistance. Who else will be happy with this purchase? For sure, millions of people will now have an opportunity to use apps and services as virtual assistant. Not only they will have instant access to their phonebook, but they can also receive instructions, suggestions, and general advice from the machine at any time.

Imagine being able to order anything on Amazon, just click the button and it’s done! Just like that! There is a huge market to gain. Do we miss the human interaction? Absolutely not. We have already built several robots to assist us when we are sick. To organize our daily routine, but for those times in which it is impossible to control everything, robots like Siri and Jarvis can be considered the answer. And once again this raises questions: is the future a dystopian view?

In fact, there are plans to develop an autonomous system for automating tasks that humans are not strong enough to perform. Some claim that eventually these systems will replace human work in the most demanding jobs and will take away lots of income. Others are afraid that automation could lead to unemployment, the loss of human jobs, or maybe even to total chaos. It is up to us to answer this question. Will humanity survive what comes next? Are we scared of losing our job and not being able to control everything? Yes, but what would the price? The answer depends on what we have, why can we avoid risk? Will it be worth losing our identity? What do we fight for? Most importantly, how do we define happiness?


Artificial Intelligence

Most of the time, while talking about the evolution of humanity, we forget about what artificial intelligence is. According to Peter Brinberg, CEO at Futuric, artificial intelligence is defined by its ability to imitate intelligent processes in a nonhuman organism. It learns from its mistakes, observes itself, and adapts itself to changes. The development of human intelligence is a key concept in futurology, in his opinion. He mentions five main fields of study to develop intelligence of robots: cognitive, expressive, social, reflexive, and logical.

3D Printed Articulated Animals

It doesn’t end here. Even if it is a baby Yoda, she’s capable of recognizing human voices. And now this robot understands language to play the piano for us. Robots tend to mimic human movements instead of their own ones, which allows us to get to know them and to interact with them. Also, it allows us to study them. They act and are able to communicate like humans. The humanoids seem to be born to live in the cloud. So, let’s make a difference! But how? We are always told that robots won’t take jobs. And yet in the last decade, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in productivity thanks to automation. Why isn’t robots taking these jobs because of free labor? Because they can be programmed to do it. There is no more work for me.

And if there are no jobs, who will want to work? It’ll probably be someone younger: it’s not hard to replicate those movements that were traditionally performed by humans thanks to the high tech. These days robots are capable of working, learning, and improving a lot of what we do to give them freedom. However, this independence can only result when they are given the capacity to reproduce, and that’s what Artificial Intelligence will provide.


Artificial Life

One thing is for sure: AI is moving very fast, and robots are getting smarter. It might sound very strange but this is actually true. A robot should have its own mind, not just being a program of some computer. An AI is independent, but only when you don’t have a direct control on any part of it and the only thing you can rely on is its capabilities. That’s the reason why robots are trying to pass as close as they can to the human body.

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